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When Ebay Lost My Business

I’m for fairness. And good business decisions, and I feel this was a bad one from eBay.

Even though I’ve bought over $20,000 in computer parts in the last year from them, they are charging me for a listing fee on an item I canceled after realizing it was a $250 fee. No one had bid on it, so no loss for anyone … took none of eBays time really … and I’d not have listed it if Id realized the fee was that high. Once I did, I canceled it.

So now, I just won’t be using them as a vendor.ebay

Hi matlef-59, this is Darlene Marie, one of my favourite colleagues. I’ll leave you both to it, and I’ll be back when you guys are done.AssistantHi DarleneI’m sorry to hear about the suspension.Please bear with me for few minutes while I check on the details.Darlene MariekMatthew , thanks for bearing with me. I have checked and able to confirm that t was a valid charge.   If your item doesn’t sell for any reason, you’re still required to pay the listing fee and any updgrades. We can only credit final value fee, if item wasn’t sold.Darlene Mariewell, it didnt sell because I canceled it….not long after.so I owe 250 dollars….that I dont recall being shown before posting it….that I canceledI’m afraid that Reserve Price Listing Fee can’t be credited. I am going to connect you to billing department. They’ll be able to help you with this problem. May I transfer the chat?Darlene Mariesure1:27 pm
Diwane has joined the conversationhi DiwaneI’m in a disagreement with Ebay over a fee on a listing that I canceled.Thank you so much for reaching out, I am more than willing to assist you further. Where should we start?DiwaneI’d not have listed it if I thought it was hundreds of dollars regardless of the sale. I canceled it shortly after and am being charged still.:-)I see. Kindly send me the item number so I can look into it furtherDiwanelet me see if I can locate thati dont thinki have that, when I go to selling I’m blockedI highly advise paying for the fees charged on your account to be able to reinstate itDiwaneI just honestly dont think ebay offers that much value to my life. 250 to be able to use ebay….is a hard salebecause, its not like I took a 250 dollar item or peoples time….I made a listing and canceled it. And now ebay wants me to pay this fee that didnt do anything once I canceled itIve bought a lot of here….but I guess I will just use Amazon from here on. Thats where we are.And I dont mean it as a personal thing to you. I ppreciate ur help.Like it would be different if Id let it stay listed, but I canceled before anyone bid….so I backed off the mistakeIndeed.DiwaneAnd now were faced with if ebay wants the fee they lose my business.

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