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WebSEOService.net is now UltimateSEO.org.  Please feel free to use the free tools here, check up on what odd project and research being done and if you’re interested join the site for updates and possibly help post articles. If you are interested in the specific content that used to be on this site you can review Wayback Machine’s archive.  The only content really cached seems to be an article about spying on people.

Matthew LefflerAbout UltimateSEO.org

Matthew Leffler left Accenture November 2017 after moving from Hewlett-Packard in 2015.  With an MBA, MEd and a BSIT he began freelancing as a software trainer and cloud computer consultant.  After joining a political campaign and handling data services Matt turned to cloud computing to deliver an enterprise worthy solution.  The campaign asked Matt to handle SEO services which was a natural extension of his experience and education.  Now a year later Matt continues to provide Data, Cloud and SEO services freelance and does so on Upwork.com Matt has brought the skills and talent he utilized in the corporate world to freelancing.  While on Upwork Matt has earned a 99% success rating with over 600 client hours and is “Top Rated”. Cloud502.com has served as Matt’s cloud computing site and it had a section dedicated to SEO work.  UltimateSEO.org was a domain Matt ran across and jump on to build a dedicated SEO blog and tools site for clients and others.  This site is developing an SEO Panel section to provide tools for clients, we continue to offer ranking tracking and post SEO articles.  We welcome guest bloggers and acknowledge there is never a time that you can’t learn something. Welcome and that’s where you enter this story.  

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SEO Tips & Posts
  • PBN, GuestPost or Syndication for Backlink Building

    PBN, GuestPost or Syndication for Backlink Building

    Backlink Building We can spend all day optimizing our pages for keywords that we researched for days and never rank content on Google Search.  Its just the cold hard fact that in SEO onpage optimization is the easiest thing and it used to work in the 1990s … heck back …
  • New Google Backlink Types And SEO Value Of NoFollow Links Changes

    New Google Backlink Types And SEO Value Of NoFollow Links Changes

    Two things are important for you to take away from this post about backlinks and they are listed right below.  We’ve then included Google content explaining these two changes in backlinks.  If the text is italic and navy blue, its quoted from Google. User Generated Content or Sponsored Backlinks Added …
  • Sex, Speed And The SEO Migration of Romantic Depot to WordPress

    Sex, Speed And The SEO Migration of Romantic Depot to WordPress

    Romantic Depot operates six, soon to be seven adult stores offering sex toys and lingerie, in the New York City area.  Their flagship stores are in Manhattan and the Bronx.  They’ve been around for sometime and over the years their website aged along with other businesses seeking to help drive local foot traffic. They’ve been around …
  • Managing And Maintaining A PBN

    Managing And Maintaining A PBN

    PBNs in 2019 can be just as effective as they once were if properly maintained and staged.  Mimicing an organic site goes a long way in the stability of your PBN. Additional Private Blog Network Resources: SEO PBN – Collection of all our SEO Articles on PBNs PBN Videos For …
  • Adobe Flash Ends A Decade Late

    Adobe Flash Ends A Decade Late

    Adobe Will No Longer Support Flash After 2020, 10 Years After Steve Jobs Argued Why It Should End In 2010. Google Announced in September 2019 that it was phasing out support for Flash from its Chrome browser following Adobe;s announcement that they would end support in 2020.  Apple users wont …
  • Custom SEO Site Audit

    Custom SEO Site Audit

    Example Audit Considerations  This post includes a demo client audit recently completed with the client’s name largely removed.  Some reports are linked too from within the report and since those reports are still of use to the client they remain largely intact. This has prevented redaction of these external reports. …
  • WordPress SEO Security Settings For WP Cerber

    WordPress SEO Security Settings For WP Cerber

    One might think cybersecurity is not an SEO topic, but it is a very important SEO topic.  SEO as I keep noting here is more than keywords today. Technical SEO is about speed optimization, files such as robots.txt and sitemap.xml and security of your site IS an SEO matter. If …


    Private Blog Networks or PBNs have a vilified reputation of being “black hat SEO” but this is a poor way of looking at an SEO tool still used by many just by other names. Hits: 661
  • Link Building: Redirecting Expired Domains Backlinks

    Link Building: Redirecting Expired Domains Backlinks

    Link building is one of the harder  aspects of SEO and because of this one of the least done. Unfortunately it is many times more powerful than anything you do to your page and content.  No level of optimization of content will trump the power of well placed relevant backlinks. …
  • Duplicate Content Kills Your SEO

    Duplicate Content Kills Your SEO

    Duplicate content is a threat to your SEO rankings but not in the way you think.  It is distracting you from stuff that actually matters.  Google has no penalty and notes much of the web is duplicate content, the question is whether your use of the content ads value. Google …

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