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WebSEOService.net is now UltimateSEO.org.  Please feel free to use the free tools here, check up on what odd project and research being done and if you’re interested join the site for updates and possibly help post articles. If you are interested in the specific content that used to be on this site you can review Wayback Machine’s archive.  The only content really cached seems to be an article about spying on people.

Matthew LefflerAbout UltimateSEO.org

Matthew Leffler left Accenture November 2017 after moving from Hewlett-Packard in 2015.  With an MBA, MEd and a BSIT he began freelancing as a software trainer and cloud computer consultant.  After joining a political campaign and handling data services Matt turned to cloud computing to deliver an enterprise worthy solution.  The campaign asked Matt to handle SEO services which was a natural extension of his experience and education.  Now a year later Matt continues to provide Data, Cloud and SEO services freelance and does so on Upwork.com Matt has brought the skills and talent he utilized in the corporate world to freelancing.  While on Upwork Matt has earned a 99% success rating with over 600 client hours and is “Top Rated”. Cloud502.com has served as Matt’s cloud computing site and it had a section dedicated to SEO work.  UltimateSEO.org was a domain Matt ran across and jump on to build a dedicated SEO blog and tools site for clients and others.  This site is developing an SEO Panel section to provide tools for clients, we continue to offer ranking tracking and post SEO articles.  We welcome guest bloggers and acknowledge there is never a time that you can’t learn something. Welcome and that’s where you enter this story.  

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SEO Tips & Posts
  • Guest Posts To Ultimate SEO Sites

    Guest Posts To Ultimate SEO Sites

    Just today I received a long email complimenting me on the site (which one I dont know) but they always conclude with a suggested mention of site xyz.com and its article on the matter.  And I appreciate those and do feel that the value of this site increases with the …
  • GMB


    Google My Business SEO Evaluation Promotion Please complete the form below to request a free SEO evaluation.  Once submitted the evaluation may take 24 to 72 hours to complete. Evaluations will be emailed to the address submitted in this form.   Evaluations are completed in a first come first serve …
  • Picking The Best Keywords For Your Site

    Picking The Best Keywords For Your Site

    What is the best burger in town?  Thats your keyword, not your burger brand. Keywords For Google Ranking SEO efforts always start out with the simplest goal.  Every web site wants to rank for their name.  UltimateSEO.org for instance, most people would say how does it rank for Ultimate SEO?  But thats …
  • CCPA and GDPR Solutions

    CCPA and GDPR Solutions

    CCPA and GDPR are both in effect now.  If you aren’t familiar check out our article CCPA and GDPR 2020: What They Mean To Your Site We now offer compliance packages in the SEO Store, as well as CCPAGDPR.org There’s no time to wait, as compliance has already become required. …
  • CCPA, GDPR, 2020 And What They Mean To Your Site

    CCPA, GDPR, 2020 And What They Mean To Your Site

    CCPA AND GDPR Shoulda Made It On Your Radar by now, but I bet it hasn’t.  At least based on the random 24 sites I visited today.  Nearly three in four sites have no CCPA or GDPR mandated announcements. WHAT ARE COOKIES From the early days of the internet you’ve …
  • Google Analytics And Adwords In Data Studio

    Google Analytics And Adwords In Data Studio

    Previously we’ve discussed Google Data Studio as a possible Wordstream Alternative and in Google Data Studio Knows Everything SEO, Or It Can we’ve noted to ability to combine different data sets from Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google Ads and more. These combined data sources allow us to produce rich …
  • What is SEO? SEM SMM and even SMO

    What is SEO? SEM SMM and even SMO

    Each of these four domains of knowledge are collectively Digital Marketing.  Digital Marketing is the promotion of online content to targeted audiences. Search Engine Optimization or SEO SEO is the oldest domain of Digital Marketing.  Don’t be fooled though by the length of time this has been around.  SEO is …
  • Directory Site Backlinks

    Directory Site Backlinks

    Directory sites are a valid and important source of backlinks.  Is your site listed in the Yellowpages?  Isit registered with the BBB?  The BBB is actually an excellent backlink source.   Local SEO also relies heavily on directory sites.  Often noted as “Citations” for you to out rank in local …
  • Disavowing theglobe.net bad backlinks from Sweden

    Disavowing theglobe.net bad backlinks from Sweden

    theglobe.net What’s worse?  The crappy website they have with no content and just super spammy links or the fact that you nor I ever asked for that bad backlink?  The fact that the charge to delete a link to you at $35 a link shows how they crash your backlink …
  • Google Data Studio Knows Everything SEO, Or It Can

    Google Data Studio Knows Everything SEO, Or It Can

    SEO Integration With Google Data Studio This is a big project that has been in the works for a year unbeknownst to anyone until it was … A client implemented a new inventory and POS solution and during a meeting he’d asked about Reporting and I then laid the desire …

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