Winning Proposals Is More Than Writing Them

But thats the first step.  Write a lot of them, but find the happy medium between form letters and spending an hour replying to a job you on average will not get.  A method that worked for me I think was

  1. First paragraph mention their description of the job and let them know you read it.
  2. Keep 3 or 4 variations about the previous work you’ve completed and add a few sentences tieing them together.
  3. Go into detail about your qualifications, dont be modest, but dont take credit for more than you deserve.
  4. Wrap it up with a BRIEF thought on what you want to do to address their issue.  DO NOT provide a detailed plan on what to do, I’ve had more than one person ask for a detailed step by step plan of what needed to be done that ended up not hiring anyone or hired someone less experienced and cheaper but with your plan now.

Before you apply you need to build a back story.  Be it a blog be it volunteer work that is relevant you need to at the very least … have a completely filled out Upwork profile with all the bells and whistles and yes a video is great!  Three minutes is all you need but leaving out stuff from your profile means you don’t deserve the work because you wont put in the work to SEO yourself.