This is a pretty simple blog site about SEO Jobs offered on Upwork.  I give my two sense and advice and welcome others to chime in with their experiences but working for clients through Upwork has been the best decision I could make at the time and its out performed any other local opportunity here in Louisville, KY.

I have RSS feeds auto populating SEO Jobs that actual real life people are posting on Upwork.  These fire every 20 to 30 minutes or so and will include the date the job was originally posted on Upwork.  The categories I have created are:

Serious Client

These are to be distinguished from just any one under the sun posting a whim and not serious about hiring an SEO.  Serious clients have added a payment method or have hired people on Upwork before…they’ve made decisions and taken action that demonstrates they are ready to work with someone.  Prospective clients may post without a verified payment method and everyone is new to the platform at the beginning but more often than not these posters are just getting a feel for what it will be like when they do hire someone.  Therefore they are just going to waste your time if they arent serious.

Backlinking Serious Client / Audit Serious Client

These are serious clients specifically seeking Off Page SEO.  I love backlinking and feel its an opportunity to be creative and to still touch all the aspects of SEO.  There isn’t any backlinking to do if there isnt anything worth backlinking too.  This goes the same for the Auditing Serious Client category which shows clients seeking to understand their present state of affairs and how they might improve it.

High Fixed Budget / Hourly SEO No Writers

Hourly and Fixed Price projects have some pretty big differences so we divide these here in two separate cateogries.  Still using Serious Clients you can build a steady hourly client base or if you’re in need of a influx of cash for crashing a project then the fixed budget is there for you.

Wasted Time

Are these actually going to be bad opportunities?  NO.  But I bet you when you come back and review what I listed as a waste of time you’ll see lower rates, less hires and likely a lot of time wasted by SEOs writing proposals and prepping for a chance to pitch their plan that no one ever heard.

Nothings fool proof and I don’t believe in absolutes so expect exceptions to these categories but also watch for trends, I think you’ll see indicators of a projects success.