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Ventrix Advertising, a leader in higher education media online, is teaming up with healthcare experts across the country to create EduMed, a website dedicated to helping students and young professionals find information about medical- and health-related education programs. We’re currently recruiting healthcare experts to review (and sometimes edit) career- and education-related content for accuracy. Each assignment will be a content page of ~2,500 words, it is written for a non-healthcare audience, and is mostly text-based. Examples include: “How to Become a Medical Assistant,” “RN-to-BSN bridge programs,” and “All About Dental Hygiene School.” This freelance position would be short-term at first, but could grow into something longer-term if both parties are happy with the work.

Responsibilities: Edit and/or comment on the accuracy of the information included. Provide direct suggestions on anything that’s wrong and/or incomplete. Answer any questions from an editor related to your feedback or specific recommendations/edits.  

Experience: A current or former medical professional with detailed knowledge of one or more healthcare careers or education/training programs. Someone with experience reviewing web content is a plus.

Photo & bio needed: Our goal is to build a team of healthcare experts to create the best and most helpful website we can. To help achieve that goal, we’re asking for a short bio and a photo of you to include on our Expert Contributors page. And if you have a blog or website of your own, we’d be happy to promote your own work or business within your bio.

1. Read the document in full. Note places with informational errors or omissions.

2. Use MS Word’s Comment feature to either (1) identify and correct the informational errors you found, or (2) recommend information that should be added for the reader. DO NOT edit the actual page text itself. We will incorporate your corrections and additions during our editing process.

3. This is not an editing assignment. We will perform the actual content edits on our end.


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