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Expert content reviewer for medical and health-related education programs – Upwork

Ventrix Advertising, a leader in higher education media online, is teaming up with healthcare experts across the country to create EduMed, a website dedicated to helping students and young professionals find information about medical- and health-related education programs. We're currently recruiting healthcare experts to review (and sometimes edit) career- and education-related content for accuracy. Each assignment will be a content page of ~2,500 words, it is written for a non-healthcare audience, and is mostly text-based. Examples include: "How to Become a Medical Assistant," "RN-to-BSN bridge programs," and "All About Dental Hygiene School." This freelance position would be short-term at first, but could grow into something longer-term if both parties are happy with the work.
Responsibilities: Edit and/or comment on the accuracy of the information included. Provide direct suggestions on anything that's wrong and/or incomplete. Answer any questions from an editor related to your feedback or specific recommendations/edits.  
Experience: A current or former medical…