Day: June 8, 2019

SEO Friendly Content for New Management Consulting Site – Upwork

I need to create SEO friendly website content (does not need to be wordy – just concise, easily scanable and clear) for a new website for a new management consulting company that is cutting edge; much different than most of the more monolithic, larger consulting firms that are less nimble and also charge an arm and two legs.  
The firm utilizes high-level Executives from Fortune 500 companies like Google, Apple and Samsung to assist small and medium-sized businesses an accomplishing their goals.
Some of the services we provide clients include opening new markets and driving revenue, hiring the right team members to take clients to the next level, determining solid marketing plans with a superb ROI, etc.
I have a bit of a short time frame, I'm hoping to get the content created by the end of next week if possible.  This is my top priority so I can make any amount of my…