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What are some areas of SEO?

SEO can be divided into subdomains or topics in various ways. Often On-Page and Off-Page is an easy distinction. With things like keywords being “On Page SEO” and Backlinks being “Off Page SEO.” Additionally we could consider Technical SEO a distinct branch of SEO dealing with server technology, site speed and site structure.

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Matthew Leffler


Matthew Leffler is a freelance SEO on Upwork.com and SEOClerks.com with 20 years of technical experience and a technical education background. In those years of experience he's worked in several technical roles in informtation technology and software training. Matt has worked at Hewlett-Packard and Gateway Computers. Matthew earned his BSIT, MBA in Technology Management and MEd in Instructional Design. He holds over a dozen active technical certifications including A+, Netowrk+, Security+, Project+, is a Certified Webmaster Professional, and a HDI Help Desk Analyst.

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