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So…two cost centers here ….

The steps you take to address the tech issues…often they should pay for themselves. For example. I worked for a company that did like 20 million a year in sales, so not a mom and pap shop but a company. B2B data analytics kinda folks..so also dealing in some big deals likely.

They were using GoDaddy shared hosting …. I think I used that for a summer in my college days for hosting my personal blog about my life on campus. Thats NOT appropriate for an enterprise and it shows easily in page speed.

They paid like $5 a month. I made them a Digital Ocean 1 cpu 1gb ram virtual private server for $5 a month. Same cost …. but 12 second load times turned into 5 second. We also signed up for Cloudflare’s CDN free plan and saw another 2 second decrease.

So what was the cost?

Well me. Everything cost the same as when we started. But now they could deliver a site in 1/4 the time. Sure they paid me for my time but I’m pretty cheap. Imagine the boom that gave their conversions, site traffic, repeat visitors and ultimately sales. They probably made up for my time in one sale..

So Technical SEO should be seen as a revenue generator. And the costs associated can likely be improved for the price of a tank of gas. Use linux OS, Open Source Software, Virtual infrastructure and you’ve spent next to nothing.

Its just like investing in a coffee maker if you’re starbucks, with out it there isn’t any business.

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