How can I increase Technical SEO

Best plan is to hire me to do a Technical Audit and let me implement my recommendations.  Too easy right?  Okay…so then you need to establish a baseline go to and put in a targeted page you’d like to optimize.

gtmetrix technical seo tool

Okay…so I’m next to perfect here but it wasnt always that way.  I used to have a slider that had 5 large images in it at the top of my homepage.  That slider required a dozen or so javascript files and css files to load.  Since it was the first thing you saw it meant you had to wait for it before the page began to function.  After that the page had images and more javascript and more css files.  Each file on a page is a request… your computer has to ask the server for it, the server may take a moment to respond with the file, then you have to put it in place on the page and multiple that process by a hundred and you see a chance to improve your site speed.

Additionally combining files cuts down on the time required.  I have 8 or so certification icons on the homepage but I merged them into 2 images instead of 8.  Here is an example…

technical certifications

We can also improve Technical load times by getting a server that is dedicated to this site.  You might try a micro server on AWS or Google Cloud Platform they cost hardly anything but the resources are available for your site when you need them.  Cloudflare also offers speed advantageous through a cache and its CDN network.  Theres more but these items should be enough to start you on the road to at most a 3 second load time.  Thats honestly where you have to draw the line if you want to rank a keyword against competitors who are willing to do what it takes to load within 3 seconds.

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