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What is the best SEO audit tool? Quora

What is the best SEO audit tool? Matthew Leffler, MBA Technology Management So thats like asking whats the best tool for building a house? It depends. Just like in building a house the right tool for the job is essential. So as an SEO, BSIT MBA MEd whos “top rated” by clients on Upwork and has […]

Why Is Mobile SEO important?

Volume and because Google says it is.  That’s honestly the best answer…now for the why…. More than half of the searches on Google are from mobile devices.  If you only think in terms of searching from a desktop you ignore the majority of searches.  A mobile device usually displays content in a small limited width […]

What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a broad term that covers actions intended to improve a web site or web page’s visibility within one or more search engines.  Its ever evolving as the search engines change and the way they rank is updated. In the earliest days of the internet Keywords and Keyword stuffing rained […]