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Obercoming Technical SEO Issues On A Budget – Quora

So…two cost centers here …. The steps you take to address the tech issues…often they should pay for themselves. For example. I worked for a company that did like 20 million a year in sales, so not a mom and pap shop but a company. B2B data analytics kinda folks..so also dealing in some big […]

Share Articles – Help Increase DA

Where are the best places to share articles that will help increase my site’s DA? Matthew Leffler, Managing Partner at Ultimate SEO LLC (2017-present) First … if you want to increase your DA you can but keep in mind thats a Moz dot com metric with no direct connection to Google page rank. DR AS DS CF […]

What is the best SEO audit tool? Quora

What is the best SEO audit tool? Matthew Leffler, MBA Technology Management So thats like asking whats the best tool for building a house? It depends. Just like in building a house the right tool for the job is essential. So as an SEO, BSIT MBA MEd whos “top rated” by clients on Upwork and has […]

What is the tool used to know the DA for a website? from Quora

What is the tool used to know the DA for a website? Matthew Leffler, Managing Partner at Ultimate SEO LLC (2017-present) Well so DA or Domain Authority is a proprietary guess by Moz dot com as to a domains ability to rank for a relevant keyword. It attempts to mimic Google PageRank, which is also proprietary […]

What is SEO based on? Our Quora Answer

What is SEO based on? Matthew Leffler,  Managing Partner at Ultimate SEO LLC (2017-present) SEO is a mutable, always changing field of half technology and half marketing. To my knowledge their are no independent third party nonprofit certifications offered in this expertise. I mention that because with 40 billion a year spent on SEO efforts […]

What are some areas of SEO?

SEO can be divided into subdomains or topics in various ways. Often On-Page and Off-Page is an easy distinction. With things like keywords being “On Page SEO” and Backlinks being “Off Page SEO.” Additionally we could consider Technical SEO a distinct branch of SEO dealing with server technology, site speed and site structure.

Is page load speed that important?

Let me show you how important it is…. Why is realtor.com not higher than zumper.com in the mobile search on the left?  Consider these metrics Realtor.com = Domain Score: 55 Trust Score 58 Alexa Rank 763 Registered 1996 Ads 3,900 Backlinks 57,000,000 Traffic Rank 108 Zumper.com = Domain Score: 37 Trust Score 44 Alexa Rank […]

What Is Negative SEO

Negative SEO is a branch of SEO that largely came into existence with Google’s Penguin Update.  For the first time in SEO a search engine was prepared to lower your ranking based on what it perceived to be a site gaming the system.  Not only did site’s change the way they promoted themselves but this […]

What are some of the most useful WordPress plugins for SEO?

Theres likely debate and I don’t claim to have tested everything out there but I’ve found this mix to be good for me. WPA Auto Links – It auto adds links in your content when it recognizes a phrase you have already covered so it adds an internal link for you. Yoast – Hands down […]

Whats Auto Blogging?

Auto Blogging is the practice of increasing content across sites usually with the same content but sometimes with subtle changes in the wording.  It’s done usually to pad content and it’s similar to syndicating news or guest postings that may appear on other sites. Whats the issue with it?  Well it cant be the most […]

Where should my keywords be on a page

Keywords first and foremost should be located where they make sense.  Don’t force them into a place just because you want that keyword. With that said, Keywords should be in the page title, description, Img Alt tags, headers, and a few times in the content.  Since each page needs to be unique I recommend focusing […]

Where can I find my Page Rank

In the early 2000s.  Page Rank isn’t a publicly available factor anymore according to Google.  You can monitor your page and domain using other metrics such as Domain Authority, Citation Flow and Trust Flow.  These metrics are 3rd party measures of what they expect Google to see your site as for ranking keywords.  They are […]

Whats keyword stuffing

James Cameron does what James Cameron does because James Cameron is James Cameron. That is keyword stuffing.  It’s easy to spot and pretty obvious.  Think of a shameless self promotional tactic that just forces a keyword needless into a page’s content.  It distracts visitors at best and at worst it hurts your SEO value.

What’s the best keyword density

How long will it take to rank for a specific keyword?

Likely this is the most annoying question I get but I get it…we all wanna know the future.  Anyone who tells you a set time table is lying or doesn’t realize they don’t know.  We can guestimate…and I mean guess estimate it.  Cause for us to make an accurate quote on how long it will […]

What is a robot.txt and a robot meta tag

What are Long Tail Keywords

They are just longer phrases with a more exact intent by a searcher.  For instance SEO isn’t a long tail keyword.  Ultimate SEO isn’t either but its twice as close to it.  Ultimate SEO FAQs is just about there and you can see that its more and more specific… Ultimate SEO FAQs On Long Tail […]

How Should I Title A Page

What does Google think of SEO?

Great question…here is a video from them.  It is worth watching because it provides good advice for hiring an SEO and sets expectations.

Domain Authority: What Is It?

Domain Authority is a Moz.com metric meant to predict a domains ability to rank content on a search engine.  It relies heavily on backlinks and anchor text just like Google.  DA is a number between 0 to 100.  It is increasingly harder to increase your domain authority.  So a site may have 20 backlinks from […]

What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a broad term that covers actions intended to improve a web site or web page’s visibility within one or more search engines.  Its ever evolving as the search engines change and the way they rank is updated. In the earliest days of the internet Keywords and Keyword stuffing rained […]