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Share Articles – Help Increase DA

Where are the best places to share articles that will help increase my site’s DA? Matthew Leffler, Managing Partner at Ultimate SEO LLC (2017-present) First … if you want to increase your DA you can but keep in mind thats a Moz dot com metric with no direct connection to Google page rank. DR AS DS CF […]

Should I really use the IMG-Alt Tags?

Yes … already, come on!  An interesting thing happened once on a blog post I did while the article was on page two the image I used in the post and included a good img-alt tag for ended up ranking #1 for that keyword in image search.  It’s just less competitive and the point is […]

How Useful Are RSS Feeds In SEO?

I have to admit they are useful in my opinion.  Say you have 10 blogs that you do SEO for … you can use the RSS feed with an IFTTT Applet to auto generator your social media announcements of new content.  Rather than posting something to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogger, Tumblr, Instagram and so on […]

Whats Auto Blogging?

Auto Blogging is the practice of increasing content across sites usually with the same content but sometimes with subtle changes in the wording.  It’s done usually to pad content and it’s similar to syndicating news or guest postings that may appear on other sites. Whats the issue with it?  Well it cant be the most […]