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What is the best SEO audit tool? Quora

What is the best SEO audit tool? Matthew Leffler, MBA Technology Management So thats like asking whats the best tool for building a house? It depends. Just like in building a house the right tool for the job is essential. So as an SEO, BSIT MBA MEd whos “top rated” by clients on Upwork and has […]

What is the tool used to know the DA for a website? from Quora

What is the tool used to know the DA for a website? Matthew Leffler, Managing Partner at Ultimate SEO LLC (2017-present) Well so DA or Domain Authority is a proprietary guess by Moz dot com as to a domains ability to rank for a relevant keyword. It attempts to mimic Google PageRank, which is also proprietary […]

Is page load speed that important?

Let me show you how important it is…. Why is realtor.com not higher than zumper.com in the mobile search on the left?  Consider these metrics Realtor.com = Domain Score: 55 Trust Score 58 Alexa Rank 763 Registered 1996 Ads 3,900 Backlinks 57,000,000 Traffic Rank 108 Zumper.com = Domain Score: 37 Trust Score 44 Alexa Rank […]

Why Is Mobile SEO important?

Volume and because Google says it is.  That’s honestly the best answer…now for the why…. More than half of the searches on Google are from mobile devices.  If you only think in terms of searching from a desktop you ignore the majority of searches.  A mobile device usually displays content in a small limited width […]

What Is Negative SEO

Negative SEO is a branch of SEO that largely came into existence with Google’s Penguin Update.  For the first time in SEO a search engine was prepared to lower your ranking based on what it perceived to be a site gaming the system.  Not only did site’s change the way they promoted themselves but this […]

How can I increase Technical SEO

Best plan is to hire me to do a Technical Audit and let me implement my recommendations.  Too easy right?  Okay…so then you need to establish a baseline go to gtmetrix.com and put in a targeted page you’d like to optimize. Okay…so I’m next to perfect here but it wasnt always that way.  I used […]

How long will it take to rank for a specific keyword?

Likely this is the most annoying question I get but I get it…we all wanna know the future.  Anyone who tells you a set time table is lying or doesn’t realize they don’t know.  We can guestimate…and I mean guess estimate it.  Cause for us to make an accurate quote on how long it will […]

How many linking domains do I need for my domain authority

This is a solid reasonable question…that unfortunately requires a sliding scale answer.  Since your Google ranking is made up of 200 factors and Domain Pop is just one of these no exact number can be used to determine your rank. First…whats the quality of the ranking domains?  100 no name domains that you just created […]

If I have Google Analytics do I need Google Search Console?

Quick Answer: Yes Long Answer: Yes, they don’t do the same thing…Google wouldn’t have made a tool twice. Google Analytics tracks your visitors and their experience and behavior on your site regardless of where they came from or how they got there. That means Bing traffic is counted, it means traffic attainted directly, someone types […]

What is Duplicate Content

First off …. honestly take pretty much everything you know about duplicate content and forget it.  You will have duplicate content and thats alright…its normal.  The Associated Press is a highly syndicated news source…do you think Google penalizes every news site that includes the AP content? Think I’m talking crazy?  Look for information from Google […]