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Tumblr Search Engine

Tumblr Search Engine and Instagram - A social media search engine

Result from your search will display here.  This is mostly a test tool for searching specific social media sites for content.  

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Why A Search Engine For Tumblr?

I don’t exactly know how but sometime in January our site began ranking for the keywords “Tumblr Search Engine” so I decided to put something up that answered the traffic from the phrase.

Sometimes in our pursuit of various keywords, sites accidently land a mashup of those keywords forming one that’s different than the intent.  This gets corrected fairly quickly as user behavior corrects Google and helps the target page slide off into obscurity.  But in my ever curious mind I conjured up this SEO experiment that delivered the content for the accident.

Thats likely what happened here but I could offer content that answered the accident, and thats why this page is here.  This uses Google CES and searches Tumblr as well as Instagram. 

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