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Matthew Leffler’s Upwork Profile page in 2018

Matthew Leffler’s Upwork Profile page in 2019

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As of Jan. 30 2019 the feedback on my Upwork Profiles has remained steady and strong with the lowest feed back received still a 4.6 out of 5.

I began Upwork in January 2018 so this marks one full calendar year.  While 95% of the work I have done is since July 2018 I still earned 23 Jobs working 864 hours.  In 2018 I started as a “Rising Talent” and ended as “Top Rated” with a 100% Job Success score. 

As 2019 begins and I enter my second year as a full time Upwork freelancer I attribute my success on the platform to my feeback and my drive to ensure clients felt they could leave nothing other than good feedback.

Every project has its challenges and I don’t believe in 100% anything.  There is always room for improvement and hindsight always offers near lessons.  Thank you to my previous clients and I’m looking forward to meeting new ones. 

Matthew was one of the top recommended freelancers and his profile gave me all of the information I needed. He contacted me quickly and was in constant contact with me through the move of my blog from Blogger to WordPress. He was so paitent with my lack of knowledge and simply explained some concepts, keeping me in the loop. This was a wonderful first expereince with Upwork!
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