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Not all information on the web is created equal.  In a recent article called Home Value Websites vs Realtor Comps Zillow home values are questioned. Its noted that many states don’t make the data Zillow needs for their home values available.  Real Estate Comps Today (Comps are Comparison Reports) notes that they offer the flexibility of online ordering but utilize actual local agents.  They feel this blended approach make them the most accurate home value website.

So whether your buying a home with friends for college or you’re building a family and looking to grow with your home its important to have the best information available before negotiating on a home’s worth.  In another article the site notes how much it could cost you if you don’t know a home’s value.

Example Of How Automated Appraisals Vary:

$514,651 – CMA Before Appraisal

$500,000 – Actual Value Confirmed by Appraisal

Automated Home Value Websites:
$606,483 – Zillow Zestimate = $106,483 Off
$682,000 – Chase Home Value Estimator – $182,000 Off
$588,078 – ForSaleByOwner Pricing Scout – $88,078 Off
$622,000 – Eppraisal.com – $122,000 Off
$606,259 – Trulia Estimate – $106,259 Off
$700,000 – Realtor.com – $200,000 Off
$718,000 – Remax Home Estimate – $218,000 Off

Looking To Increase Your Home’s Value?  Here are 5 Tips To Increase How Much Your Home Is Worth

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