"> Stripe Payment Platform Not Secure For Merchants Or Customers

Stripe Payment Platform Not Secure For Merchants Or Customers

I’ve removed the ability to use Stripe from our store. It appears that they lack accountability for transactions they approve and thats dangerous for both merchants and customers.

A response I made to a disputed charge is below. I share this so clients can understand why we do not accept Stripe any longer.

Response To Stripe

The order was for a PBN site which can be used to improve the SEO value of another site or could be used as a stand alone site. The order was made June 10, 2018. The product was delivered to the client email address on June 13 2018.

No email, use of contact form or support ticket was made to me although all three have been available to the client as well as live chat. If the cardholder isn’t the client then the cardholder also could have used any of these communication tools and I could have proactively avoided this scenario.

The charge clearly says “Ultimate SEO” and our site comes up on Google as the 5th result if someone Googles that. If the client had wanted to contact us to dispute a charge they could have and we’d have been happy to assist. Maybe the client expected the name to be Matthew Leffler? But that seems unlikely as they initiated the order from our online store clearly branded Ultimate SEO.

If this was a fraudulent charge then shame on you all for not doing YOUR job. Why was the transaction approved? I don’t know what evidence I can provide without being able to see the details of the transaction or the claim. I don’t even know if the client email address is the card holder because the card holder details aren’t shared with me. I thought that was a good thing and protected them and me. Someone though has to verify the transactions details but clearly YOU cant be expected to verify these things.

Did the name on the card match? Did the customers address verify? .. the CVV? You all approved the order and I worked to diligently deliver it but its somehow my fault that a transaction I cant see details of has been disputed?

I’ll likely regardless of this dispute’s out come never accept payment through this channel. It simply leaves me with work and no recourse. You all get to charge your fee and pass along your mistakes. As a web design operation/SEO consultant I have a lot of influence on client decisions and I’ll be sure to blog and share with folks this experience.

Give them their money (like I had a say in anything), I can prevent whom ever from taking ownership of the domain and I’ll lock that down, any passwords or user accounts have been terminated. I already blacklisted the client so no further business can be ordered and I’ll remove this as a valid payment form from my site.

I’m posting this to https://ultimateseo.org/services/stripe for anyone to see and review. It helps to explain why fraud has prevented us from offering Stripe as a payment source.


Matthew Leffler
Ultimate SEO

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