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Site Delisted On Google? Get Indexed Again


Site not showing up in Google searches?  Received notice that your site has been deindexed?  We’ll set up the tools needed.  We’ll diagnose the cause and provide corrective recommendations.

If/When the issue is corrected we’ll appeal to Google for your site to be crawled and answer any questions on the matter for you.

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Without inclusion in Google’s search results your site’s content is largely worthless.  Google makes up the vast amount of web searches online today and this popularity means it can break a site’s traffic. Ultimate SEO has navigated and successful gotten sites back in results.

Why Am I De-Indexed?

Google may have removed your site for many reasons.  If your site was part of a Bot Network and posed a security threat to visitors you can be delisted.  Your content may have been discarded as plagiarism or by manual actions by the Google Web-spam team.  It could also be a coding issue on your site.  If your site is rendered most by Javascript or robots are blocked through meta tags you have to address technical SEO factors before your content can be ranked among the other search results.  Often domains may be penalized for the prior owners actions.

Not indexed in Google

How To Know If You’ve Been Removed From Google’s Search

Now it isn’t that your ranking poorly here, this is that you aren’t even being considered for ranking.  Do a search on Google with this “site:example.org” this will show every page Google has included from your site in their results.  If your results are as the picture shows below, you’re not in the index.

Ultimate SEO can setup the best tool for getting re-indexed: Google Search Console and we’ll review the data Google provides about your site.  We’ll diagnose the cause and provide corrective recommendations.

If/When the issue is corrected we’ll appeal to Google for your site to be crawled and answer any questions on the matter for you.



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Shipping Policy

Nothing is prepackaged and ready to ship.  Ultimate SEO offers services that are custom tailored to client's unique situation.  

Digital downloads are generally available for your review weekly or at the end of a project if the project is completed in under a week.

Refund Policy

Feedback, Word of Mouth and Repeat Business are the hallmark of good business.  I'll refund 100% of funds minus what may have been spent on materials if someone is not happy with the work delivered.  Materials are verifiable expenses such as a domain name registration.

This hasn't happened before and my Upwork reputation should demonstrate my commitment to building relationships with my clients.  On Upwork 93% of clients would recommend me a nd 64% of clients are repeat clients.  https://upwork.com/fl/matthewleffler  

If you would like to complete a contract through Upwork where all funds are held in escrow I'm happy to do that.  Upwork keeps 10% of the sale so all Upwork fees should be considered 10% higher than outlined in this store.

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Clients are free to cancel projects and services at any time before or during a project.  If we are actively working on a milestone that funds associated with that milestone have already been committed towards resources that milestone's funds will be kept as expenses will have occurred and obligations have been made to vendors and or contractors.  Any future milestones will be returned at 100% if already collected, uncollected funds will remain uncollected.

Depending upon the service returns or exchanges can be made if the product is a tangible thing.  This includes domains which retain value after delivery where as a report would not.

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