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Right Foot: Get Your PBN Started

$2,999.00 $1,999.00

This offer is only available one time per client.  We will host and build out a PBN network of 10 domains and backlinks them. The sites will autoblog content for you and continue to auto tag and auto link.

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This product bundles 10 of our PBN sites into one transaction.

What You Get

We’ll find a domain and build it out with a backstory linking to your target site and provide auto blogging capabilities.  You can host it on your existing host plans such as Godaddy, Hostgator and more or we’ll provide free hosting for the domain for 6 months.  After 6 months hosting will be just $1.99

Each Site Includes:

Custom logo, contact page, about page, customized theme, rss feed ingestion and auto posting, automatic keyword linking, a relevant backstory that explains why the site exists, social media share links

Our standard hosting includes:

  • cPanel Access
  • 1 domain registration and privacy for one year (we choose the domain name based on expired domains available)
  • 1000mb of disk space
  • 1000mb of bandwidth
  • 5 email addresses
  • 5 FTPs
  • 5 sub domains
  • 5 Addon Domains
  • 5 Parked Domains
  • Setup using unique nameservers and unique IP address.
  • Optional Cloudflare account setup

Our hosting is able to provide our client site’s unique hosting through our 8 separate servers located in various locations through multiple vendors using multiple IP addresses.

Domain Included:

The goal is to build SEO value and that requires you to let us choose a domain name based on your niche and available expired domains available at the time of the order.

Typical sites would include these examples:





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We just provide the following as informational for clients.

Your project may have one of three methods of being received. You can contract our services through Upwork, Directly in person and lastly here in the online store.

Upwork – If your order has originated through Upwork we need you to communicate and handle all billing matters, EXCLUSIVELY through Upwork. Its a violation of their TOS for you to pay through any other means, and using their communication channels ensures each of us are protected and that they are able to monitor the projects progression.
In-Person / Direct – Billing for these services will be sent to you via email as an invoice which is payable through Paypal.
SEO Store – Billing for SEO Store orders can be handled in one of three ways all depending upon your preference at time of checkout.
Paypal – You may pay via Paypal through the checkout. This is the most popular method and our preferred method.
Stripe – Strip allows payment using credit and debit cards without using Paypal or creating an account.
Escrow.com – Escrow.com holds funds from your order until the project is delivered, upon delivery we will request release of funds and you will be given the opportunity to agree to release these funds. Their is a fee charged for the escrow service. As you have elected this method we share 50% of the costs associated with escrow with clients. To avoid escrow fees you can use Stripe or Paypal as well.

Our primary customer centric site is Ultimate SEO Client Portal located at ultimateseo.org/clients/portal/. Access to this site is provided via an email. All downloads, collaboration, project tasks can be managed through the client portal. Teams can be created providing your representatives with access to the project deliverables.

Shipping Policy

Nothing is prepackaged and ready to ship.  Ultimate SEO offers services that are custom tailored to client's unique situation.  

Digital downloads are generally available for your review weekly or at the end of a project if the project is completed in under a week.

Refund Policy

Feedback, Word of Mouth and Repeat Business are the hallmark of good business.  I'll refund 100% of funds minus what may have been spent on materials if someone is not happy with the work delivered.  Materials are verifiable expenses such as a domain name registration.

This hasn't happened before and my Upwork reputation should demonstrate my commitment to building relationships with my clients.  On Upwork 93% of clients would recommend me a nd 64% of clients are repeat clients.  https://upwork.com/fl/matthewleffler  

If you would like to complete a contract through Upwork where all funds are held in escrow I'm happy to do that.  Upwork keeps 10% of the sale so all Upwork fees should be considered 10% higher than outlined in this store.

Cancellation / Return / Exchange Policy

Clients are free to cancel projects and services at any time before or during a project.  If we are actively working on a milestone that funds associated with that milestone have already been committed towards resources that milestone's funds will be kept as expenses will have occurred and obligations have been made to vendors and or contractors.  Any future milestones will be returned at 100% if already collected, uncollected funds will remain uncollected.

Depending upon the service returns or exchanges can be made if the product is a tangible thing.  This includes domains which retain value after delivery where as a report would not.

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