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How do I make my site load faster? Speed Optimization Service

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We’ll tell you how to speed up your site after completing a custom review of your site.  Our recommendations will include estimates and be prioritized so that you understand what really matters to your site.  Our reviews cover every aspect of a page’s speed.

You can then either DIY or hire any web designer to implement the recommendations or you can hire us to implement the steps for speeding up your slow page load times.

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Page Speed Affects Your Rankings

In an article on our blog we show an example of an established site being out ranked in mobile searches and its likely just because of speed.  This has been the case since 2018 and is especially important for mobile users.

Client Optimization Results

Below are the results of optimization projects we’ve undertaken.

All leaving the site loading at about 3 seconds without significant changes to the content.

Our Optimization of a Client Site – No Content Change
Date Optimization % Score Seconds Size Requests TTFB ms HTML bytes
2020-02-22 06:23:51 66 51 12.5980 1717549 192 186 55186
2020-02-22 06:35:02  – Added CDN And Cache 66 51 5.5870 1716362 192 214 54975
2020-02-22 06:40:46 – Image Optimization 66 51 4.8790 1716758 192 167 55290
2020-02-22 10:23:01 – Merge And Minify CSS and JS 70 78 3.2540 1585544 53 179 68463
2020-02-22 10:24:25 – Eliminate unneeded requests 70 78 2.8750 1585336 53 169 68600

In the graph above we see several steps being taken to load the page in 1/4 the time it previously took without a significant change in the content (indicated by the page size).

SEO Page Speed Tools

We optimize sites using GTMetrix.com which is a popular standard for measuring page speed optimization.  Below is a client site after we optimized it.

True Influence Optimization
Client TrueInfluence.com WordPress Optimization Results. From 12 seconds…

We may also utilize page speed results from pingdom.com and thinkwithgoogle.com 

Our Experience Making Faster Sites

We’ve published a video that shows some of the process we’ll take in making your site load faster.

All-Inclusive Page Speed Services

We can completely handle your page speed needs and offer a solution that is all-inclusive.  But for those on a budget or who simply enjoy doing it themselves or those already working with a web design team we offer this service.  If you’re interested in having us do the work check out that package.  All Inclusive Page Speed Service

What you get here: Diagnosed Speed Optimization And Recommendations For Your DIY SEO Site

We’ll provide detailed instructions customized for your site to optimize the existing site’s resources after performing a technical SEO checklist.  This isn’t a lead generation, sales gimmick.  We won’t recommend ourselves, we give you honest advice.

Our optimization services

1.We target 3 second load times as measured by GTMetrix.com.  We can change that goal as you desire.

How we approach speed reviews.

1. We prefer to optimize existing content, decreasing a site’s bloat and site technology such as versions and updates to gain speed.  We’ll provide an estimate on the savings this will bring.

2. Implement additional technology to speed up transmission of data.  Extending your infrastructure capabilities is sometimes the way to go.  We’ll provide an estimate on costs and time savings this step can provide.

3.  Review your hosting environment and determine if additional speed gains could be found by replacing your hosting infrastructure, recommendations for the fastest hosting option.  We provide estimates on how this step might provide gains.

4. Lastly we will provide recommended content changes and what gains these might be expected to provide.

About Us

We’re Cloudflare certified partners, we have a BBB A Rating, have optimized many sites for small businesses to corporations.  We’ve worked on sites hosted in dozens of providers environments and we’ve built cloud servers in AWS, DigitalOcean and Google Cloud Platform.

Matthew Leffler completes all of these reviews and has over a dozen industry certifications as well as two masters degrees and 20 yrs of tech experience working at companies such as Hewlett Packard.

BBB A Rating

We Know How To Optimize Your Site’s Page Speed

We have several speed articles available highlighting our optimization skills.

We’ll provide detailed recommendations customized for your site to optimize the site’s user experience.  You will be able to take our assessment to almost any web designer for implementation.  We may provide video walkthroughs on some of the recommendations on our site but implementation of these recommendations may require a competent web designer.

Our speed optimization efforts are limited to your site, your host and your content.  If you use an external resource not hosted on your server, you nor we, can likely control it’s optimization levels.  We’ll still provide recommendations on the use of these external resources and let you know how they are affecting your site speed.

Our commitment to you. (opens in new window)

Includes updates, software versions, PHP settings, MySQL, system resources, site compression, server load, caching, CDN, CSS and JS review, requests, robot.txt, video features, embedded features, plugins, image sizes and more!



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Shipping Policy

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Refund Policy

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Depending upon the service returns or exchanges can be made if the product is a tangible thing.  This includes domains which retain value after delivery where as a report would not.

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