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Foundational SEO Backlinks Combo Pack

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This combo attempts to provide a bundled solution that doesn’t overflow your site’s profile.

Tier DA Range Referring Domains Cost Qty Cost
1 10-20 25 to 150 $70 3 $210
2 10-30 151 to 275 $95 1 $95
3 20-40 276 to 499 $130 0 $0
4 30-50 500 to 2000 $160 1 $160
5 50+ 600+ $200 0 $0
Total $465

This package ensures the base foundational backlinks are built for your site.

Everyone knows the following 3 statements are pretty accurate…

Backlinks are hard to earn these days even with the best content
Google advises against buying links, when it sees link buying it penalizes the target website.
People still buy links and with great effect.

It’s the second and third points though that really require a hard look, these blanket statements may be true but their are some qualifiers to them.

Buying Fiverr Backlinks

You can buy 1,000,000 links from someone on fiverr.com.  They call them “manual” “organic” “high DA” but face it $5 gets what you pay for.  Often these links come from sites no one visits and while the claim is they are high DA you’re lucky if the sites rank a DA15.

Doesn’t it seem odd when a domain’s backlinks double over a couple weeks and then flat line again?  It took the site years to get to X links, but in one month they double and the next month they are back to slow growth.  These link buying packages are simply poorly executed, misguided, red flags begging for a penalty.

SEO Backlinks That Are Worth It

You can buy links or you can buy valuable links that offer results yet remain under the radar of Google’s scrutiny.  Curated Links are links placed on real sites that get real traffic and aren’t bought in bulk, but in calculated planned out ways.

These bought backlinks are actually worth it.

We’ve managed and built hundreds of sites and have worked with other digital marketers and content writers so we have the connections to find good in content link opportunities for any industry.  We also work with other SEO agencies to supply each other with backlink opportunities.  You can leverage these connections with our Curated Backlink Packages.

Tier DA Range Referring Domains Cost Qty Cost
1 10-20 25 to 150 $70 3 $210
2 10-30 151 to 275 $95 1 $95
3 20-40 276 to 499 $130 0 $0
4 30-50 500 to 2000 $160 1 $160
5 50+ 600+ $200 0 $0
Total $465

You can buy them one at a time and test the effectiveness of them.  Your links will be presented in content on industry relevant sites.  We also have preconfigured packages that we’re offering that include bundled savings.

Check out our SEO Backlink packages and augment your organic backlink building campaigns with curated links


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