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Payment Through Escrow.com Now Supported

We’ve offered Paypal as a secure method to check out. It offers clients “Buyer Protection” and mediates disputes.

When we contract with client’s through Upwork, Upwork serves as an escrow handler. Paypal does not accept checks though and this has led of half of the revenue each month being processed in banks.

Escrow.com is similar to Upwork in that they act as a middle to hold funds until a milestone or project is complete.

Escrow fees may vary but should not exceed 10% which is comparable to Upwork who charges 20% for the first $500 and then %10 there on.

Learn more about Escrow.com and what using it can mean for both party’s safety.

If you’ve reviewed the Escrow.com Terms of Service and have agreed to a project with Ultimate SEO you can utilize the following button to fund the next milestone.

Projects are to be divided into $500 milestone blogs, new milestones are not begun until after the previous milestone has been completed and paid.

As you have the choice to use Paypal which charges fees of 3% rather than Escrow’s 10% we have all escrow fees split between the company and the buyer.  


These buttons will open a new tab to Escrow.com

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