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Code: First Order 30% Discount

I am honestly very pleased with the way Upwork handles all the funds but they also take out 20% which is 2 x God’s request of our money!  So keeping that option still open and unaffected I have created this “store” to help showcase the services I deliver through Upwork and it also provides folks with a price.  Some will think these are high and some will think they are a bargain I just came up with something that reflects what I make on Upwork which is publicly viewable to anyone.  

For a limited time you can use Code: First Order 30% Discount   The bold is the code.

While I am offering this discount its more of a means to test out offering discounts in your own store…at some point a client will need too and I’ve always found myself the best test subject.  I not a big negotiator I find haggling wastes my time.  So I just want to offer that these are in line with Upwork‘s rates on my previous jobs.  It makes no sense for me to provide a product that easily pays for itself in a short time frame at a step discount when I have projects that are more in line with the value I bring to a site. 

If you feel more most comfortable letting Upwork handle the funds I’m happy to work with you there.  

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