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Creating A Private Blog Network: PBNs In 2019 For SEO

First and foremost the most important aspect of your Private Blog Network is randomness.  Consider what pattern or foot print your PBN might have and avoid that commonality. Patterns and commonality to avoid in building a Private Blog Network Good PBNs Are Random, Start With Different Name Registrars First off you need private domain registration, if not private then you’ll need people and addresses from all over.  If you always use Godaddy you’re going to have to try out others to avoid a pattern.  Incidentally if you always use Godaddy you’re getting ripped off as they will charge you for …
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Search Results Suck

Googling Online Reviews And Top 10 Lists Are Wastes Of Time

So an annoyance and a likely by product of SEO is the lack of quality articles and reviews on topics these days.  I expected that it would be annoying to search out a possible new theme for one of my sites but I what I found in the search results was a heap of … shit.  Like total crap that served as self promoting noise dressed up as useful reviews. I Googled “SEO Agency WordPress themes” The top 10 results all pretty much sucked, they lacked any real effort in delivering what they claim to offer.  Lets look at the …
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Google Mobile First Index 2018: A Simple Guide to Build your Strategy

Google’s mobile first index has created quite an upheaval in the marketing world — and for good reason. If Google is taking mobile websites more seriously, shouldn’t you? After all, if you want Google to serve up your content to searchers, you need to know how Google crawls and assesses your website. Otherwise, you fall behind the competition. But don’t panic. If you don’t have a mobile website ready to go now, you’re not doomed to haunt the 100th page of the Google SERPs forever. In fact, Google is slowly rolling out this new strategy, roping in more websites as …
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SEO Tools and Guides

Free SEO Tools On going collection of SEO Links including Free Tools and strategy guides. They come from a varied amount of external sources but together create an essential full picture of a site’s presence.  Duplicate content, missing title tags and 404 errors beware. Essential SEO Tools  Google Search Console: If you are not already using this tool you’ve missed the first step to understanding your sites SEO status. Its essential to have this product setup. You will see what Google is pulling from your site and you can interact with the search environment by adding sitemaps as well as …
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Identity theft us map

Fascinating Frank Abagnale: Catch Me If You Can | Talks At Google

Identity Theft, Cyber Crime And Your Site Frank Abagnale depicted by Leonardo deCaprio in Catch Me If You Can speaks at Google about his life and cyber crime. We’ve all seen the movie or at least we all should have the teen who runs away and becomes everything from an airline pilot to an ER doctor to an Asst. District Attorney all before he turns 21. He’s a cyber crime expert these days and his experience in forgery and documents is fascinatingly from the other side of most experts. Cyber Crime And WordPress Being the top CMS and powering such …
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How To Optimize Your Marketing Campaigns For Higher Quality Leads

How excited would you be if you doubled the number of leads your marketing campaign was generating in less than a month? What if you found out that the improvement wasn’t an improvement at all, because as lead quantity went up, lead quality was going down? That’s exactly what happened with a campaign I ran once. I can assure you – it’s not fun! One survey of B2B marketers found that their #1 and #2 challenges were generating high quality leads and converting leads into customers: Your Landing Page Conversion Rate Is Only Half Of The Story Converting visitors to leads …
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PBN or Private Blog Network

We offer full services for PBN Sites. Our SEO Hosting options are world class because they're delivered on AWS, GCP and Digital Ocean's infrastructure.  We use industry leading server management solutions such as cPanel. We are Cloudflare Certified Partners.

SEO Audit

We've provided indepth site audits going url by url for small clients to large 30,000 page sites. Our Audits are holistic and include sections on keywords, backlinks, Web Site Errors, Technical SEO, Competitors and more.

Search Rank Tracking

We provide the same expensive reports that trend your site's keyword performance for a fraction of the costs.  We use, and among others to provide clients with accurate reporting.

Backlink Building

We provide full backlink building campaigns that have been used to help build site authority for many of our client sites. We can provide useful organic white hat SEO Strategies for building backlinks and we understand how to audit the value of your backlinks.

Ultimate SEM

SEO and SEM are closely related but are not the same.  We also offer a full range of PPC products and services.  Visit for more info.