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PBNs are often called Black Hat SEO and Google discourages them for good reason. A PBN won’t rank your site but it can help you learn how to rank a site and provide a test environment for theories.  Ultimate SEO has a experience in building and maintaining a network of sites because we needed to learn and try out design features, tools, ranking strategies and we maintain that in this regard PBNs are White Hat SEO.   

Many sites are in fact private blog networks and any company that maintains multiple domains and sites is essentially operating a network of sites intended to rank on search engines.  Like Google we discourage making sites for the sack of having more sites linking to you.  There are multi domain strategies out there that make sense and can offer conversion benefits to users.  In this section of our site we’ll discuss the similarities and differences betwenn  PBNs and Multi-Domain Strategy.  An example of one way to utilize multiple domains, is an easy bookmark to remember for specific niche content on our site..

Content Is King In SEO

PBNs, also referred to as Personal Blog Networks,  may give your site the opportunity to be noticed but it’s still your content that will prove your downfall or your greatest asset.  User Behavior is now the greatest factor affecting your search engine position.  And it should be, if users don’t stay on your site after clicking it’s search result it is ranking too high, but that wont be for long.  Thats the often misunderstood ramifications of SEO work on subpar content.    

If you hire an SEO to optimize and backlink your content and see a fast rise in search results your SEO was successful.  If you find it hard to keep those gains its most likely that youor content doesn’t deserve the higher ranking and User Behavior is correcting your artificial status.  No site or number of sites can change the quality of your content.   

The loss in ranking often is blamed on the “shady” practices of a rogue SEO.  That is likely human nature, seeking an external force that explains a negative result.  Its worth asking yourself why your content couldn’t match up with the higher ranking content.


SEO Brings Attention Like A Crown

Content Maybe King But Every King Needs A Crown

But even if you have the best content out there you may not ever get noticed.  That’s where SEO comes into play and one of the tools available is the Private Blog Network. If content is king, then Google must be the kingdom.  Whats the good of being king if no one knows it?  SEO is that crown, it sets you apart and gains attention.  Wether the attention is deserved is up to you.  

Need help with your PBN? We offer PBN solutions and are available to audit and consult on your PBN sites.


PBN Articles

Complete Guide To Building A Private Blog Network or PBN – 2022

It has been several years since I first tested the waters of a PBN or Private Blog Network. They are considered Dark Arts of SEO and Google generally dispises them as gaming the system. PBNs when discovered often are delisted and the creators viewed with some disgrace in the SEO circles of popular readings. They do work though and thats why theres such an emphasis on finding them and removing their influence. Let that serve as a warning to anyone thinking of making one, this like anything of value can come at a cost. White Hat SEO though is usually either ineffective dated content only methods or … still gaming the system but in ways that haven’t yet been identified. For instance some time ago SEOs realized that a press release was a great way to get their content, rich with anchor text links to their target sites, published on …
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SEO Metrics

What’s Trust And Authority Using CF TF AS DR DP DA DS In SEO Metrics

Back in the early days of SEO (2000-2010) Google used “Page Rank” which was a number that was 1-10, the higher the rank the better the site would do when ranking keywords.  As is the story in SEO, every time folks get something thats useful they go to far and it gets the Google penalty smash down.  Page Rank was no longer shared with us, to prevent websites from just trying to learn the test and not trying to make the site good for users.A vacuum forms though when you take something away, and others were happy to fill that with, mostly just guesses.  Big difference now though is that the numbers go all the way to 100! SEO Metrics: DA DS DR DT CF TF DP AS and domain authority ranking. If the title confuses you don’t worry. Id expect even intermediate SEOs are not familiar with all of …
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Digital Ocean, AWS and Google Cloud logos

Technical SEO: Digital Ocean vs Google Cloud vs AWS

This post originally only focused on cost and user experience when we reviewed DigitalOcean vs AWS vs Google Cloud.  After a real world case study and experiment we have some performance data and it is actually surprising.Digital Ocean vs AWSBefore testing servers I recall stating in a conference call “We all know AWS is gonna win, but ya we can test it.”  As a client’s IT team wanted to move our project team’s DigitalOcean web server on to one platform.Teaser here … in a head to head test between Digital Ocean vs AWS one of these  two out performed the other in:
  1. rate of requests handled
  2. number of requests processed
  3. time it took to process each request.
  4. The same winner of those also won 10 / 10 page speed tests and the results were not close.
The results of these tests convinced a previously skeptical client’s IT team into adopting the team’s choice in cloud providers.Scroll …
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Link Building

PBN, GuestPost or Syndication for Backlink Building

Backlink BuildingWe can spend all day optimizing our pages for keywords that we researched for days and never rank content on Google Search.  Its just the cold hard fact that in SEO onpage optimization is the easiest thing and it used to work in the 1990s … heck back then you could keyword stuff and just repeat the same phrase enough in the background and you’d get some traction.  Yes, SEO is dead … if thats the SEO you are using.Backlinks moved in and added some credence to the claims that our content should rank for this or that keyword.  It made sense, each site that links to you with the anchor text including your keyword was that site basically vouching for your content.  If thats all you think backlinks are then … Yes, SEO is dead … simply having a ton of links to your site isn’t a sure …
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Managing And Maintaining A PBN

PBNs in 2019 can be just as effective as they once were if properly maintained and staged.  Mimicing an organic site goes a long way in the stability of your PBN. Additional Private Blog Network Resources: SEO PBN – Collection of all our SEO Articles on PBNs PBN Videos For Finding Expired Domains Backlinks and Auto Posting Maintaining A PBN It started off simple enough every week I’d search through expiring domains and pick up a couple cheap .org domains and spent about $7 bucks on two. I’d build my sites out individually and define a purpose to them and make them fully functional sites and move on.  But no one does that who is running just one site.  You return to the site and you improve it, add content, run updates and make sure it hasn’t been hacked. This continued for 2 or 3 months in 2018 and before …
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Private Blog Networks or PBNs have a vilified reputation of being “black hat SEO” but this is a poor way of looking at an SEO tool still used by many just by other names …
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Ultimate SEO And Cloudflare Partners

Ultimate SEO is proud to announce our partnership program with Cloudflare. As a defacto web host serving hundreds of sites this strategic alliance brings the best hosting security solutions together and integrates one of the most popular internet companies with our hosting solutions. In the coming days we’ll be relaunching as our hosting and network site. Below we’ve included some notes from Cloudflare as well as a video. Us in 90 Seconds from Cloudflare on Vimeo. How CloudFlare increases speed and security of your site This is a guest post written and contributed by CloudFlare. CloudFlare makes it easy for any site to be as fast and secure as the Internet giants. CloudFlare, a web performance and security company, is excited to announce our partnership with Ultimate SEO! If you haven’t heard about CloudFlare before, our value proposition is simple: we’ll make any website twice as fast and protect …
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digital ocean and aws logos

AWS Vs. Digital Ocean: Costs, Performance, Features For Cloud Computing | Clear Winner

Why I Made The Switch To Digital Ocean And You Should Too After a year of ballooning costs I stumbled across Digital Ocean an figured I’d try their $5 VPS server and compare it to my Amazon Web Services experience. Astonishing… Digital Ocean quickly grabbed my attention with the straight forward ease of use. I had a working cPanel server in less than 20 minutes. They make the entry into Cloud Computing easy with a 1 CPU 1 GB Ram server that has 25GB SSD and 1000GB Transfer …. also included was 2 external IP Addresses and the Ability to create a firewall protecting my servers. That cost $5 a month. Jaw dropping I exclaim the AWS price is $5 just for the two IP addresses! I should have made an apples to apples comparison but at that moment I was off. My AWS Configuration And Cost:
building a pbn site

Creating A PBN Network Part 4: The Site Needs A Story

Creating a PBN or Private Blog Network is likely more difficult that just focusing on your content and the value it offers visitors. In this post we’ll examine what you need to have on the site and how it should be structured. In previous posts we’ve discussed: Creating A Private Blog Network: PBNs In 2019 For SEO PBNs 2019 – Domain Detailing – Picking Expired Domains And 301 Redirects Auto Posting Across Social Media Platforms – IFTTT – Domain Name Register – PBNs In Mind – Every Site Needs A Backstory Because every organic real site has one. If you decide before you create the site what it is and who made it then you’ll be able to create a site that will serve your PBN well. I’ve made site’s as if it were a school assignment in music and communication, or I’ve built a medical conference site …
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Google Rankings

On Page SEO Just Doesn’t Rank Keywords like Backlinks

I wanna share a graphic I ran across online with you today. Keywords Or Backlinks? Invest your time in backlinks. According to this one if you want to impact your SEO standing all of the On Page Factors combined don’t reach even half the power of the Domains Backlinks and the Page’s Backlinks. I often have clients who comb over their sites day after day tweaking the words on the page with bold or moving them to a header and if they spent 1/4 of that time trying to attract other sites to link to them they’d get 5 times the result. Its one thing to say your the best, its a totally different thing if someone else says your the best. Or if someone says you’re the worst it really doesn’t matter how many times or ways you say you’re the best. It’s logical too…if you meet a person …
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Is A Site Low Level? DA vs CF vs TF … DR, DS, AS, TS and more!

This article speaks in terms of whether you should scrap a site and just 301 backlinks to another if it is performing poorly. But it speaks to what IS performing poorly. There is also another article more recently written all about SEO Metrics that might serve as a good read after you consider this article’s points. Whats A Good DA TF CF DS DR? Alright so I’m going to attempt to answer this the way you want. A number…but before I do lets say its a subjective question. Its literally like asking a friend who is the hottest actor or actress alive today. How many sites are on the internet? 1.5 billion. I cant look up all their DAs. So lets form a couple groups that we don’t pick who is in it. First off we can use Moz’s numbers but thats not scientific. Moz Claims The Average DA By …
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Namesilo Banner

Domain Name Register – PBNs In Mind –

Expired domains with free private registration and a coupon code from the already cheapest domain prices. Domain Register Coupon Codes First Coupon Code: ultimate seo Second Coupon Code: ultimate pbn Third Coupon Code: ultimate ppc Fourth Coupon Code: ultimate sem Fifth Coupon Code: ultimate smm Sixth Coupon Code: ultimate expired domains In previous updates we’ve mentioned the importance of registering domains with multiple registrars and the importance of private registration when building your PBNs. Expired domains fuel your networks growth and they’re essential for building a network of any real value. Five or ten domains won’t make a network but by the time you’ve built up to a hundred domains or more you’re going to find you’ve spent at least a thousand dollars just on names. is the registrar Ultimate SEO prefers…which is why we’ve signed up to offer you a coupon code. Use “ultimate seo” at check out …
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buffer can help ifttt auto blog for your wordpress sites

Auto Posting Across Social Media Platforms – IFTTT –

I hate missing out just as much as anyone else.  Its why Ultimate SEO has accounts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, Flickr, Youtube, Blogger, Instagram, SnapChat and more.  This article is not about auto blogging  we have some great info on that posting content to multiple sites or ingesting content onto your site. It is in our free auto blogger article.  This discusses postings to social media accounts.  Wanting consistency and mass promotion of content on as many external social media platforms as possible with as few logins and actual posts as possible. But the only thing worse than not being on a platform is to not appear active on that platform. If someone’s first impression of you or your company is your activity on a forgotten profile it is more damaging than not having been there to begin with.SEO And SMM or SMOThis little bit as on semantics.  What does one call …
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PBNs 2019 – Domain Detailing – Picking Expired Domains And 301 Redirects

In PBNs 2019 Part 1 we discussed some logistics of organization on a high level concerning Cloudflare, Spreadsheets and above all randomness.  In this the second part of our private blog network series we’ll focus on expired domains and the assessing of their value. Domain Authority Is One Part First, we will look at Domain Authority but before we do lets note Domain Authority in and of itself is worthless.  It IS NOT used by Google.  It is made by a company called Moz and it is their best guest how Google interrupts the content on a site based on a lot of factors but not all the factors and not in the same ratio.  Why do we use it then?  Google doesn’t have to tell us their formula for ranking a site in their results…in fact to do so would likely be a disservice to everyone involved.  So based on …
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Creating A Private Blog Network: PBNs In 2019 For SEO

First and foremost the most important aspect of your Private Blog Network is randomness.  Consider what pattern or foot print your PBN might have and avoid that commonality. Patterns and commonality to avoid in building a Private Blog Network Good PBNs Are Random, Start With Different Name Registrars First off you need private domain registration, if not private then you’ll need people and addresses from all over.  If you always use Godaddy you’re going to have to try out others to avoid a pattern.  Incidentally if you always use Godaddy you’re getting ripped off as they will charge you for privacy and many others don’t.  Some popular Name Registrars are each of these can save you a considerable amount over Godaddy considering they offer free private registration and using more than one breaks a pattern. Each time you add a new site to your PBN you …
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