seoboys-google Is Now Ultimate SEO is now and we’re excited to offer you more than just plugin recommendations.  You’ll find several plugins endorsed on this site and these are tools that no one has paid or compensated us for in any way, we actually use them.  Please feel free to use the free SEO tools here, check up on what odd project and research being done and if you’re interested join the site for updates and possibly help post articles. appears to have been a promoter of using freelancers and thats something we share at Ultimate SEO.  Our freelance work through Upwork remains our primary source of clients and projects.

Matthew LefflerAbout

Matthew Leffler left Accenture November 2017 after moving from Hewlett-Packard in 2015.  With an MBA, MEd and a BSIT he began freelancing as a software trainer and cloud computer consultant.  After joining a political campaign and handling data services Matt turned to cloud computing to deliver an enterprise worthy solution.  The campaign asked Matt to handle SEO services which was a natural extension of his experience and education.  Now a year later Matt continues to provide Data, Cloud and SEO services freelance and does so on

Its also somewhat fitting that was included under our umbrella.  First it balances another SEO domain we control but also secondly we’re all guys here.

Matt, Michael, Josh, David, Daniel, CJ and Cody all make up what is Ultimate SEO.

Check out more and browse our site further to learn more about the focuses we’ve made within Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing.

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