SEMRush Web Audit Tool

Another Instant Audit Tool

The site’s homepage has two separate audit tools available for free to users. You can also try out this 3rd option and decide which is best for you. Its always good to have a site audited by more than one online instant optimization tool. Each auditor is the creators best guess as to what Google is searching for in a rankable site.

After you’ve received this audit check in your email ( no I wont even email you or sell your email address ) but once you get the emailed audit there are several other audit tools on this site.   The orange button will take you to an “On page SEO Audit” tool. But this purple one below is powered by SEMrush so use it as the others aren’t as high powered. Try this free seo tool yet?

Why So Many Audit Tools?

First when I do a paid audit of a clients site I ALWAYS use more than one tool that overlaps with what the other tool is propurted to do.  I don’t want to present findings and act on data from one too only to later find out the tool was simply wrong.  So you’ve got the benefit of a second and even third opinion on this site without ever having to ask me.

If more than one audit tool says your site is slow, then no matter what you might think….your site is slow.  So thats whats up with the multiple tools. You can find them in the SEO Tools drop down in the menu above. 

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