11 SEO Tips Quick Reference Guide

11 SEO Tips Quick Reference Guide Read too many blogs explaining the art of disavowing backlinks based on the referring site’s link metrics and now just ready to pull out your hair?  Before you do you may benefit from getting back to the important stuff…the basics: Focus more on your backlinks than keywords more than you usually do Have backlinks link to the specific post not the site homepage Page Speed….seriously….3 second load is the goal.  Over 6 seconds forget about everything else Every page needs a Title, Description, One H1 Header, And An Image with the Alt-text containing your keyword Your title should describe your page, in a unique manner that sets this page apart from all the rest Focus your page content on a specific topic, don’t mix just for length Make sure your most important pages are within no more than 2 clicks from the homepage, limit … Continue reading 11 SEO Tips Quick Reference Guide