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Louisville SEO – Ultimate SEO, As Louisville As Yard Sales, Disco Balls And Bourbon

Louisville SEO services are provided by Ultimate SEO, they include a full range of local SEO products and solutions.  We pride ourselves in our Technical SEO strength but we also provide SEM, SMO and SMM solutions to the 502.  Incidentally Ultimate SEO started as cloud502.com in 2017 here in Louisville.

Matthew Leffler, founder of Ultimate SEO, is a born and breed Louisville native who knows that we have yard sales and Derby takes 3 weeks not 2 minutes.  Not many get the disco ball reference but if you’re from Louisville you probably know 90% of disco balls are made right here.  Its our party version of the Louisville Slugger bat.

Our local SEO work has primarily been with Political SEO and local elections.  We created votelouisville.com to help serve in the interests of Louisville Metro voters during the 2018 midterms.  We built and promoted sites for local clients: Sean Delahanty, Brent Ackerson, Jimmy Ausbrooks and Shawn Reilly

Uniquely Louisville

Fun fact, the term “yard sales” is very specific, local jargon that gives away your local connection. It’s only used in a three or so cities, Louisville being the largest.

Matthew Leffler With Family In Louisville
Photobombing the family elders photo at my Grandparents farm in Fern Creek, KY.

Local SEO – Google My Business map results and local citations by Ultimate SEO.

Mention You’re A Louisville Client And Receive A 25% Discount On All Services As Priced In The SEO Store,

Or Use The Discount Code In The Online Store.  Use Code: Louisville SEO 

SEO options in Louisville have gotten better in the past couple years. Ultimate SEO brings with it a data proven, agile adaptive, research based partner for your search engine optimization needs in Louisville, KY.

Search engines change sometimes more than once a day. You need an SEO partner thats agile and adaptive to those changes. The old an SEO method the less relevant it is today.

Googling Louisville SEO brings up many options but if you look at these options you’ll see one that stands apart.  Ultimate SEO is young and agile enough to be fresh and relevant but has been around long enough to have been tested and demonstrate results. First, the length of time a business has been involved in SEO is NOT an asset to a specialized skill thats always changing. It may in fact be a hinderance.

Ultimate SEO is proud to be both an established provider and a researcher sharing new SEO strategies with other practitioners. We’re always testing ourselves and this provides results for clients. Check out those results in the Client Portal.

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