Please note our fee estimates do not include budgets for other vendors.
For instance PPC campaigns do not include the ad costs charged by Google.  We optimize, target and write your adds as well as tailor your keyword searches and ensure your ad campaigns are delivering relevant visitors. The estimate does not include our ad budget. 
Another example of a third party vendor would be with content curation, typically authors will need to be contracted with to produce the best content for the topic. 
We research what topics will provide the best ranking ability and relevance to you, produce an SEO template for the author, that is based on the top 10 existing results then edit their work to ensure the best SEO value.  We post this content to your site’s pages with the proper snippets and on page SEO. We can find the authors or work with your authors which ever you decide.
BBA A Rating

Client images include stock profile pictures and may not be the actual client’s image. Their review, the work and the name are real.

  1. Increased traffic – was organic SEO traffic increase, over the course of one month, according to 2. Page One Keywords – was the number of keywords a client ranked for in Google’s first 10 results, over the course of two months, according to 3. Monthly Visitors was the number of monthly visitors in Google Analytics compared to 6 months prior. 4. More Keywords – was the number of Google search phrases showed the client ranked with during a 3 month period.  

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Ultimate SEO is a unique solution to your search engine need.  We’re highly technical and audience intuitive but driven by the data. 

There are countless individuals who will repeat your chosen keyword over and over on a page.  That’s not what we do.  Our motto is “Make An Impact” and we can for you.

I’m Matthew Leffler, in 20 years of experience in technical fields and as an instructional designer my background sets Ultimate SEO apart.  

This skill set made me an Information Governance Software Trainer at Hewlett-Packard and I’ve worked at Gateway and Accenture.  I started Ultimate SEO in 2017 and through Upwork I’ve built a solid reputation.   I’ve never not been Top Rated there.


I founded Ultimate SEO LLC to build on the brand of SEO my clients have seen in action.  Our actions include improving DA by doubling referring domains to 800, improving traffic by 1200% or earning 1300 new keywords in 2 months.  However you define success we can reach it.

From our original Political SEO experience USEO has proven results and built on our local SEO skills in Chicago, New York City and Louisville SEO markets.  We have a strong focus Off Page SEOTechnical SEO and Page Speed Optimization.  This has made us innovators in site structure, data visualization with Google Data Studio and Cloud Computing infrastructure designed to rank.

These insights and backgrounds translate into rank-worthy content and an optimization experience beyond the average SEO…even beyond a Good SEO.  Review the site and hopefully you find use in the work spent here.  Feel free to contact us to learn what Ultimate SEO can do for you or visit our SEO store.

Take the next step, lets make an impact together!

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    Our Ultimate Digital Marketing Brands

    Ultimate SEM - PPC

    SEO is about organic results. Paid results, including PPC or Google Adwords are part of SEM Search Engine Marketing. Ultimate SEM is our site dedicated to PPC and SEM services.

    Ultimate SMM

    Social Media Marketing is paid promotion of content in social media. Its similar to SEM and uses nonorganic methods.

    SMO or Social Media Optimization is the organic unpaid marketing techniques utilized in social media. Similar to SEO.

    ccpa gdpr data privacy compliance

    CCPA and GDPR represent huge changes to data driven digital marketing domains. SEO, SEM,SMO,SMM all rely upon data to perform.

    Blizzard SEO provides subscription SEO services to ensure your site and SEO efforts remain insync.

    SEO Brings Attention Like A Crown

    If content is king, we're building a palace. is a new venture where we are matching content writers with a network of RSS feeds that can provide free syndicated content to subscribing websites.

    Freelancers Union

    About Ultimate SEO

    Ultimate SEO LLC is a technical SEO and SEM agency located in Louisville KY and active in Chicago and New York.

    Founded by Matthew Leffler, a Top Rated Upwork SEO, Ultimate SEO has a BBB A rating and offers services through this and other sites.

    We’re a small business like yours and share your goals to improve your site.  Check out our policies on the store product pages concerning our commitment to doing it right.

    bbb a rating

    Buyer Protections

    Our payments are handled through Paypal or Stripe whichever is more convenient for you.

    These come with all the guarantees and dispute resolution protections these sites bring to the transaction. Your payment info is never shared with us just that you have paid. 

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