Alternatives – Web Page Speed Test Sites

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You may ask…why would I want an alternative to  They are referenced everywhere including in this site for their benchmarks.  Well….a funny thing happened over the year … a competitor that was less popular bought GTMetrix or did something … and is now the engine of GTMetrix.  Its the same thing as Lighthouse … sadly no one thought to ask why if Lighthouse was so great … why weren’t they number one?

So the GTMetrix tests I referenced in previous articles are no longer the tests that you can get from GTMetrix.  Lighthouse isn’t horrible … but it kinda is.  It gives an extremely limited glimpse at only a select group of submetrics. – A great alternative that gives a user a rich wealth of data is   As an example you can see just how much and how portable the data is with their csv raw data download. 210520_AiDcDE_8c8dff88f5b9d6f9b8e9a78592443c31_summary


Another site that focuses heavily on images and their cost to the load time experience is