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Google Data Studio Knows Everything SEO, Or It Can

SEO Integration With Google Data Studio

This is a big project that has been in the works for a year unbeknownst to anyone until it was … A client implemented a new inventory and POS solution and during a meeting he’d asked about Reporting and I then laid the desire out to utilize Google Data Studio.

The use of Google Data studio was so attractive because it integrates into so many data repositories.  The more data the more we miss but the more integrated data that’s unstoppable insights.

“If HP knew half of what HP knows, we’d be unstoppable.” – Lew Platt HP CEO

SEO Is Big Data.

Lets consider the implications of integrating our data into one visual tool. 

  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • Google My Business
  • Adwords
  • Mail Chimp

All easily already integrate into Google Data Studio..  The value add of these 5 tools in itself is impressive.


The brilliance though is this integration of the POS … the system uses a Ms SQL database so we actually don’t have to even care about the POS.  Connected directly to the Ms SQL we utilize a service called Stitch to

integrate with Ms SQL then to transfer that data in regular intervals too a data Warehouse.  In our case Google Big Query is a natively supported product.  Big Query is then connected to Data Studio providing nearly real time transaction and sales data.


With that connected in to the other data we can now directly correlate in store sales with web traffic, ad campaigns, and search positions.

This post will continue to be updated but thats where we are on building a big data solution for a client’s retail local stores.

All Seeing Eye Of Data

The All Seeing Eye Of Data Studio

Google Data Studio is a free data visualization product that connects to multiple sources and allows data to be cross depicted for greater understanding of interconnected elements.