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Where are the best places to share articles that will help increase my site’s DA?

First … if you want to increase your DA you can but keep in mind thats a Moz dot com metric with no direct connection to Google page rank. DR AS DS CF TF are all also metrics that are proprietary and DA is really only useful when you consider it along with other metrics.

But so a primary decider in both of those metrics is referring domains on seperate ips that get traffic and are indexed on Google. Easy answer … every place you can put it. Now it’s important we note, we aren’t talking about just a link….but you noted an article, which is the way to build context around your link and build relevance. In content links … don’t come up in a menu, the header or the footer and sidebar but are in the body in the content.

So many domains…a guest post is probably the way to go. A guest post on a syndicated network is viable … it is not a pbn. A PBN is just a collection of sites that no one goes too, that don’t rank themselves for anything and are full of links.

You’re welcome to guest post on my site at Ultimate SEO Content Syndication Network pick the category and it gets approved for syndication. Once syndicated your article gets posted on various sites such as ultimate seo dot org which is my main site or my personal blog … or about 30 others each with their own unique purpose and audience. Now if you post to an obscure category it will go to less sites than say business. Just cause for instance a dental article wouldn’t make sense on my personal blog.

But thats what you’re after, as many unique viable sites that don’t all share the same ip that have some SEO metrics of their own.

Everyone wants links from sites like Home Page – MarketWatch or FORTUNE and they’re great to have but a natural link distribution would mean you have more mediocre sites than high ones…just high ones and it looks like you bought them….which you can but thats expensive.

Check out places to post an article that syndicate the content.

And just to make a point on content syndication vs a pbn cause some might not get the difference … The Associated Press is not a PBN but their content is on every newspaper’s website. Getting an article about you from the AP is great. Now where folks get weird is when we think of who gets credit for that article, if it’s printed on 100 different sites. That’s fine too though, Google figures out where it was first rather easily. A misconception about “Duplicate Content” is rampant in the SEO world and Google has said many times as far back as 10 yrs ago that Duplicate Content “isn’t a pressing concern.” There’s also no penalty to it and that concerns traffic credit to the page, which you as a Guest Author don’t need to worry about since it’s not your site anyhow.

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