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What is a robot.txt and a robot meta tag

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What are Long Tail Keywords

They are just longer phrases with a more exact intent by a searcher.  For instance SEO isn’t a long tail keyword.  Ultimate SEO isn’t either but its twice as close to it.  Ultimate SEO FAQs…

Are Press Releases A Good Way To Gain Backlinks

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Do PBNs still work

Answer: Does a bear shit in the woods? PBNs are extremely effective and completely relevant and useful and used in 2019.  PBNs in 2019 They may look different and work slightly different from when an SEO…

How many linking domains do I need for my domain authority

This is a solid reasonable question…that unfortunately requires a sliding scale answer.  Since your Google ranking is made up of 200 factors and Domain Pop is just one of these no exact number can be…

What is a Google Bomb

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What are Guest Posts

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If I have Google Analytics do I need Google Search Console?

Quick Answer: Yes Long Answer: Yes, they don’t do the same thing…Google wouldn’t have made a tool twice. Google Analytics tracks your visitors and their experience and behavior on your site regardless of where they…

What is Duplicate Content

First off …. honestly take pretty much everything you know about duplicate content and forget it.  You will have duplicate content and thats alright…its normal.  The Associated Press is a highly syndicated news source…do you…

How should IMG ALT tags be entered

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How Should I Title A Page

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What does Google think of SEO?

Great question…here is a video from them.  It is worth watching because it provides good advice for hiring an SEO and sets expectations. Hits: 14