How many linking domains do I need for my domain authority

This is a solid reasonable question…that unfortunately requires a sliding scale answer.  Since your Google ranking is made up of 200 factors and Domain Pop is just one of these no exact number can be used to determine your rank. First…whats the quality of the ranking domains?  100 no name domains that you just created aren’t worth one link from

I would suggest there is a rough rule of thumb…

DA 10 = less than 50

DA 20 = 200

DA 30 = 400

DA40 = 800

DA50 = 2000


These are not exact numbers but just rules of thumb that I’ve found helpful.  Basically though for every ten more points in DA the number of domains may double. PBN sites and domains with little to no traffic are maybe only worth a fourth of a domain…so if yiu have 800 pbn sites linking to you ….Id say you may expect a DA of about 10 to 20.  If these 800 are solid real domains, youre DA should be 35 – 40.



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