Political SEO – How Is It DIfferent From Traditional SEO?

Political SEO is very different from traditional SEO.  Consider how someone might promote a lawnmower web site vs a political candidate.   The Lawnmower will continue to be used likely years to come and brand loyalty may play into the site’s SEO efforts.  As a product with recurring uses its site may include service, parts, warranty and support.  In political SEO things will end often on election day and won’t start until a few months before the election.  Campaigns are often supported entirely through donations as opposed to a company’s site receiving a steady revenue stream.

Simply put Political SEO has to deliver results in a shorter period of time often with less resources and infrastructure as traditional SEO.  Sometimes SEO efforts in politics have produced little benefit to the campaign and it is largely due to the mistaken style of SEO utilized.  Political SEO can’t focus on value but needs to focus on emotion.  You wouldn’t try to sell a lawn mower for who it makes you feel anymore than promoting a candidate’s ability to last a generation.

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