Domain Authority: What Is It?

Domain Authority is a metric meant to predict a domains ability to rank content on a search engine.  It relies heavily on backlinks and anchor text just like Google.  DA is a number between 0 to 100.  It is increasingly harder to increase your domain authority.  So a site may have 20 backlinks from 20 different sites and it earns a 10 DA but when that site has 40 domains linking to it its not going to have a 20 DA it might have a 15.

The Law Of Diminishing Returns is really easily seen in this topic.  Over a 4 month period a DA33 site increased its linking domains from 400 to 800 and its DA increased to DA40.  That was 7 points for double the domains.  This site on 2/1/2019 has a DA41.  A month ago this site had a DA40.  In the last 30 days this site added about 34 domains linking to it for a total of 854.  The other site previously mentioned had about 800 when it became a DA40 as well.

An indepth discuss is included in an article on the site.  Domain Authority, Why Should I Care?

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