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Ultimate SEO FAQ 2019

Some questions are still awaiting their answers.

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SEO Traffic

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a broad term that covers actions intended to improve a web site or web page’s visibility within one or more search engines.  Its ever evolving as the search engines change and the way they rank is updated.

In the earliest days of the internet Keywords and Keyword stuffing rained king.  As search engines have evolved they no longer use old tools such as the meta keywords or keyword density. Keywords are still important but its their contextual use and placement that now matters.

SEO includes “off page” topics such as anchor text, backlinks and technical SEO.   In all 200 factors go into consideration by Google when ranking sites for searches and each of these factors is arguably a subsection of SEO.

SEO can further be divided by Whitehat or Blackhat with many SEOs falling into a hybrid Greyhat area.  Blackhat SEO is considered fast and risky with Whitehat meeting the requirements of a search engine and seek long term growth that may take some investment of time and money.

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