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SEO Metrics (3) created DA which stands for Domain Authority.  It was heavily tied to the number of DA domains that linked to your site but in 2019 DA2.0 came out which added a preference towards domains that received verifiable traffic.

So it used to be fine to have 3 sites linking to you that got 0 monthly users but now those sites are worth less than a site with traffic.

DA is a popular metric used widely in SEO.  Using it on its own, by itself is unreliable and does not reflect Google’s assessment.

Comparable Metrics that may be of value when reviewing a site’s standing are Domain Rank or DR, Domain Score or DS, Domain Pop or DP, Citation Flow or CF and more!

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Domain Rank, or DR is an SEO Metric meant to depict a site’s ability. DR was created by Majestic.

It is similar ro Domain Score or DS, Domain Authority or DA

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Domain Pop or DP is the number of domains pointing to a site.  Its similar to IP or IP Pop which is the number of IPs pointing to a site.

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