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I have to admit they are useful in my opinion.  Say you have 10 blogs that you do SEO for … you can use the RSS feed with an IFTTT Applet to auto generator your social media announcements of new content.  Rather than posting something to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogger, Tumblr, Instagram and so on and so on.

You can also ensure that your blog regularly gets updates which improve the likely hood of crawlers visiting your site more frequently.  It’s not the main attraction content that you would be pulling in but filler content that is still relevant.  Think of it like this … when you go to your local newspaper’s site likely all of the nation news is from the Associated Press.  That means that article is duplicate content but duplicate content isn’t as bad as folks make it out to be…it happens and in journalism it’s more the norm than the exception.

Sometimes I feel that RSS content aggregated well can create unique content.  An example is during an election I built a site that aimed to have all the local elections news in one spot. pulled the RSS feeds of anyone running for office which created a place where you could read two candidates updates side by side and compare what they were focusing on in the election.  The candidates want there content reposted, and the voters likely want to see both sides so in that scenario I think the content from RSS made uniquely different aggregated content.

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Yes … already, come on!  An interesting thing happened once on a blog post I did while the article was on page two the image I used in the post and included a good img-alt tag for ended up ranking #1 for that keyword in image search.  It’s just less competitive and the point is that on page one a few images are usually shown and with the right image you can pull in more clicks than your page two article.

It’s also a requirement.  You see those are needed t=for screen readers to read to a blind person.Its part of your sites accessibility to people with ADA needs.  Which in the end a web crawler is like a blind person, so use the tag to show you’ve added yet another supporting element on the page for the keyword you’re after … and often others don’t use those tags so its your secret weapon sometimes.

Citation Flow  I used this image to convey Citation Flow’s uselessness and the img alt tag supports that.

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Auto Blogging is the practice of increasing content across sites usually with the same content but sometimes with subtle changes in the wording.  It’s done usually to pad content and it’s similar to syndicating news or guest postings that may appear on other sites.

Whats the issue with it?  Well it cant be the most unique, fresh content if you’re auto blogging it.  Even with the use of synonyms and word spinners the content is below grade and could carry duplicate content.  You should ensure that the content isn’t plagiarized and give credit to the author.  Canonical tags begin to play into this more where you get the use of the content but you provide the SEO value and credit back to the author.

Whats wrong with spinner content?  Its not natural … consider the sentence … Its the day after Valentine’s Day here and I’m just hanging out with my dog.  I got back “Its the after a long time after Valentine’s Day here and I’m simply spending time with my puppy.” from Free Article  There is a mishap in the beginning of the sentence now and now “I’m simply spending time with my puppy.” … how would it not be simply?  Or how about another test sentence…

I prefer doing technical SEO audits to local SEO work just because Dallas, Houston and Los Angeles are all very different from Louisville or Chicago.

I incline toward doing specialized SEO reviews to nearby SEO work since Dallas, Houston and Los Angeles are for the most part altogether different from Louisville or Chicago.

Get the point on Auto Blogging?  I’d say you’re better off rewriting it yourself and now its not auto blogging.

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