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Mobile SEO (3)

Let me show you how important it is….

desktop vs mobile search results

Why is not higher than in the mobile search on the left?  Consider these metrics = Domain Score: 55 Trust Score 58 Alexa Rank 763 Registered 1996 Ads 3,900 Backlinks 57,000,000 Traffic Rank 108 = Domain Score: 37 Trust Score 44 Alexa Rank 17,000 Registered 2004 Ads 0 Backlinks 1,700,000 Traffic Rank 2830

In every metric wins, so why is it below on the mobile search?

Site Speed Test on GTMetrix Fails Speed

site speed Passes Speed

page load

So in this example we clearly see a more popular site beaten by a less established site and the single only factor the smaller site did better was speed.  And we cant discount this as … well its only important in mobile.  In case you missed it…

60% of searches are mobile

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Content Delivery Networks are used to speed up sites by removing the bottleneck created by having one server provide files. These added servers are then spread out over a geographical area bringing the files closer to end users. This network could be global or regional.

Cloudflare is an example of a CDN as well as Jetpack. A popular paid CDN is AWS’s Cloudfront. These servers are called Edge servers as they are on the edge of the companies network all over.

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Volume and because Google says it is.  That’s honestly the best answer…now for the why….

  • More than half of the searches on Google are from mobile devices.  If you only think in terms of searching from a desktop you ignore the majority of searches.  A mobile device usually displays content in a small limited width view, desktop pages are not appropriate for a good mobile experience.  Mobile’s load generally slower as they lack a physical connection to a network.  Pages need to load fast and thus need to be streamlined for the best experience, page load speed is therefore extremely important.
  • Mobile First – Is an initiative Google started in 2018.  The name is self explanatory.  If you don’t want to put mobile first you’ll ignore the greatest customer you have….Google.
  • Mobile Index – to address the disparity between the mobile experience and a desktop experience Google created a second index of results thats independent of the desktop results.  You could be the number one result in desktop but not listed in mobile.  Since we noted more than half of searches are on mobile devices you would lose over half the opportunities for reaching a visitor.

Ignore mobile devices at your own peril.  Your SEO efforts are doomed in my humble opinion.  I don’t work on projects I dont think can succeed so I’d bow out if working on a project ignoring mobile.

Here is an example …. searching “rental homes in louisville” you’ll notice that the results come in a different order.

desktop vs mobile search results

It appears while is considered better for desktops, has a better mobile experience.  Its likely better laid out and faster than so it beats that site in mobile.  Who wins here?  Zumper as more searches on mobile than desktop.  You think well…whats the big difference its one position…the difference between 3rd and 4th or 2nd and 3rd is huge.  The difference between 1st and 2nd position is more than 50%.  If this is a billion dollar industry we’re talking about potentially hundreds of millions of dollars. 

And it IS likely layout and speed.  Notice in the desktop view has a higher trust score and a higher domain score. has a higher rank, advertises more, was a domain first ….. in almost every SEO metric should be higher than  BUT in mobile it is not.

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