Expanding Ultimate SEO Services

Ultimate SEO has been a technical digital marketing agency since 2018 and we’ve set ourselves apart by being the technical minded SEOs.
This tech background has led us to redesign businesses infrastructure to better position a site in Google ranks. We’ve worked in AWS, Google Cloud and Digital Ocean all while testing these environments with our own sites. Its a natural fit then that we officially should offer our own SEO optimized hosting solutions and cloud environments. We’ve pointed clients to other great vendors for these needs but now we’re working to deliver the custom cloud environments ourselves.

This began by first moving from a home based business to a dedicated office There we’ve connected using dedicated fiber optic network resources ensuring fast download and upload speeds. With in our data center we’ve installed battery backup fail over power supplies and invested in a secure data center that uses biometric and man trap security.

Our servers are top grade and boast 12 core servers running 32 gb of ram using cPanel or Virtualmin for web hosting. Out cloud computing servers utilize 18 cores and 192 gb of ram all managed through Virtualizor. Integrating these varied services is a seemless native billing solution WHCMS.

This means not only can Ultimate SEO design a better environment for our clients but we can host it and deliver reliable, fast and affordable solutions.

We’re still configuring these services but you can expect them to be automated and live within the coming weeks.

This is an excellent addition that compliments our CDN research and development as well as our existing partnership with Cloudflare. Allowing secure and fast content distribution globally to about 300 data centers.

We’ve got your back in ensuring everything from hosting to distribution and application are all in sync to propel our clients in search engine rankings.

We’re still Ultimate SEO (https://ultimateseo.org) but we’re now also Ultimate SEO Hosting (https://ultimateseo.net) and UltimateCDN.com (https://ultimatecdn.com)