csv file

CVS File Merger

Easily take multiple csv files and merge them together using this free online tool. Export any SEO data from multiple sources and put them together in one document. CSV files may not support multiple sheets.


As an SEO Aficionado myself ( ya I bought that .com when I saw it open) I do it too. I sign up for this tracking tool and that one and I crawl my sites with this tool and another and before we know it we have 17 sites with data that would all look so much better if it were together.  So you can use Google Data Studio with csv files and rather than handling 17 files maybe you’d like to force them into one document?  The tool above can offer some help there.

Its not particularly the most intelligent tool…but I once had to run csv files for 100 precincts and afterwords of course I had 100 csvs and thought well, wouldn’t it be nice if I could add what districts they were in and merge those together for reporting.  This tool is excellent for that …. multiple files with the same headers that can be configured in various groups.