New Client's: Start Page

Welcome, whether you’re a new client, existing or interested in becoming one, this page is meant to help you learn what to expect and gain insights on us.  This page is meant to make your project as good as it can be right from the beginning.

Below we list 3 steps to a successful project launch. The key in our experience always hangs on communication and equally important, trust.  

If we made widgets it would be easy to show you how many widgets we made, but we offer a service and thats our expertise as subject matter experts in technology, digital marketing, social media and the convergence of these things.  That intangible product can be hard to quantify. 

Thats why communication and trust are so important. If at anytime you have a concern please bring it to our attention. We’d rather explain our process and why we feel you’ll benefit from it before you start to wonder what is it we do.

We also want to ask you to acknowledge that you need SEO help, why else are you here? You’re likely an expert in your business and thats what has brought you success.  A smart leader finds those who can compliment their teams need with a missing skillset.  

We respect that and there is no shame in not being an expert in our business.  Below are a couple buttons to some resources that you may find useful. They include our FAQ section as well as a glossary.

How to hire an SEO - by Google

I strongly recommend you watch this short five minute long video by Google. “How to hire an SEO” seems highly relevant at this moment.  The insights you gain will be massive and the source of the video is who you are here to impress.

First Step: Access

Well need to gain access to several systems to better understand the present state of your site.
We have a few videos available at our youtube channel. You can find that in the top right corner of the page. These are for providing access. Our goal though is to avoid you providing us with your account info and instead to grant us our own. This lets you control it all and makes our work more trackable.

Second Step: Expectations

This seems like a no brainer to some but to others it might seem a waste of time. We've found that setting expectations and goals at the start of a project, clearly define our roles and what a successful project is to each of us. While you interviewed us, we interviewed you. Our reputation makes or breaks us. We don't take on projects we think will fail. So each of us has a stake in your success.

Third Step: Collaboration

With access and expectations set its time for us both to get to work. SEO touches many areas of your business. Marketing, Advertising, Technology, Security, Content, and Finance are some of the areas of your business we will be making suggestions for or need involved in this SEO project. We utilize this site for that collaboration, along with Google Products and other vendors. Anything from Billing to Reporting will be available to you here.

Step One: Access

Access Essentials:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Your Site
You can grant access in various systems too:
[email protected]

If you don’t have these setup, we can help.

If Requested we may need access too...

  • Google Adwords
  • Bing Ads
  • Domain Registrar or DNS Provider
  • Host or Cloud Provider ... if we are working on infrastructure.

Step Two: Expectations

Yours of us

Expectations You Have For This To Be A Success!

In as short as possible, one sentence, what is the goal of this work?
Is it to increase traffic? Increase ranking of keywords? Increased conversions? Recover lost ground? Beat a competitor? What do you want to achieve.

Thanks for these answers, we will review them and respond to them if we have any concerns. This will serve as part of our “Project Charter.”

Ours of you

For this to be successful we need you to understand:

  • Going Rouge creates confusion.  Let us know before you undertake SEO / PPC efforts on your own, while we are working together.  It’s your site, but we need to know.  We discourage buying links, paying for keywords or changing your content prior to collaborating with us.
  • You hired us for a project, it has a beginning and it has an end.  SEO though is a continuing effort that you will have to sustain after our project ends. Many of the measures we will undertake have a shelf life and constant effort has to come from somewhere to maintain and improve your SEO standing.
  • Third party sites including Google in their video “How to hire an SEO” have said it can take between 4 months and a year before SEO work really pays off. With that said Ultimate SEO strives for the fastest and most sustainable result from SEO efforts.  We generally expect that a good SEO project will begin producing results in a month to 6 months with most clients finding the 4th month as the best indicator of their SEO efforts.
  • “Content is King” in SEO.  If your site’s content lacks a unique exceptional value for visitors they will find it somewhere else.  When we set a goal to rank at the top of Google we set a goal to provide the best content and user experience available anywhere for that keyword.  We will work with you to improve content but we will likely need your involvement in your content.  We’re experts on SEO, you’re the expert on your products.
  • Ending an SEO project early is always within your choice, but it is unadvised and if the newest results are unstable any gains may be lost.
  • We will provide weekly reporting and email summaries to you.  We expect that you will read these.  These are for your benefit and serve as a benchmark on our efforts.  If you would like weekly standing meetings we are happy to schedule the time.
  • We understand it is urgent every time you contact us.  We expect you’ll give us 24 hours, excluding weekends and holidays, to review and respond to your messages.

Step Three: Collaboration

You and Us are a team

This is a team effort. The journey, often, will take us through uncharted territory. Search engines are always evolving. New competition and new trends in user behavior make SEO an improv kinda experience.

It is all based though on data and a framework.

Your collaboration is essential. If you are an Upwork client you’ll use Upwork exclusively for that collaboration. If you are a direct client you will use this Client Portal for collaboration.
Ultimate SEO utilizes Google Hangouts, Google Drive, Gmail and more for all our collaborative needs.

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