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15 High-Converting Lead Magnet Examples and Ideas

lead magnet

lead magnet

Generating good lead magnet ideas can become a long process. Simply throwing together an e-book or whitepaper just because other businesses do it would be a mistake.

High-converting lead magnet ideas offer so much value that your target audience can’t say no. The more you refine your lead magnet, the more qualified your leads become because you’re offering exactly what those leads need at the exact right time.

Lead magnets can work for nearly all audiences, including those of B2B and B2C businesses. They’re powerful because they open the door to further communication between the business and the lead.

Conversion Wireframing: A Revenue Oriented Design Process

Even though there is growing wisdom around the best product teams involving design, business and engineering heads from the very start, there is, quite often, still a divide between the design process and business needs.

As someone who has both a Business and Design background, I have found it useful in client work to draw from both areas from the very start.

Here are a few ways you can design web experiences that are not only user-centric but also conversion-centric.

But first:

What is wire framing?

For the non-design heads, wireframes are essentially a schematic or blueprint that define the

Amazon SageMaker Updates – Tokyo Region, CloudFormation, Chainer, and GreenGrass ML

Today, at the AWS Summit in Tokyo we announced a number of updates and new features for Amazon SageMaker. Starting today, SageMaker is available in Asia Pacific (Tokyo)! SageMaker also now supports CloudFormation. A new machine learning framework, Chainer, is now available in the SageMaker Python SDK, in addition to MXNet and Tensorflow. Finally, support for running Chainer models on several devices was added to AWS Greengrass Machine Learning.

Amazon SageMaker Chainer Estimator

Chainer is a popular, flexible, and intuitive deep learning framework. Chainer networks work on a “Define-by-Run” scheme, where the network topology is defined dynamically via forward computation.

New – Pay-per-Session Pricing for Amazon QuickSight, Another Region, and Lots More

Amazon QuickSight is a fully managed cloud business intelligence system that gives you Fast & Easy to Use Business Analytics for Big Data. QuickSight makes business analytics available to organizations of all shapes and sizes, with the ability to access data that is stored in your Amazon Redshift data warehouse, your Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) relational databases, flat files in S3, and (via connectors) data stored in on-premises MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server databases. QuickSight scales to accommodate tens, hundreds, or thousands of users per organization.

Today we are launching a new, session-based pricing option for QuickSight, along with

How To Optimize Your Marketing Campaigns For Higher Quality Leads

How excited would you be if you doubled the number of leads your marketing campaign was generating in less than a month? What if you found out that the improvement wasn’t an improvement at all, because as lead quantity went up, lead quality was going down? That’s exactly what happened with a campaign I ran once. I can assure you – it’s not fun!

One survey of B2B marketers found that their #1 and #2 challenges were generating high quality leads and converting leads into customers:

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b2bleadgenerationreport2013 130225195257 phpapp01.pdf

Your Landing Page Conversion Rate Is Only Half Of The Story

Converting visitors to

My New SEO Strategy: Blog Less, Spend More on Technology



On February 13, 2017, I acquired a keyword tool called Ubersuggest for $120,000.

It was generating 117,425 unique visitors per month at the time I purchased it and had 38,700 backlinks from 8,490 referring domains.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the tool, the concept is really simple:

You put in a keyword you want to target via SEO or PPC, and it gives you more keyword ideas. That way you can grow your traffic by going after more keywords.

Most people thought I bought the tool to just redirect the traffic to

I’ve begun a revamping of, which has been the same as my site. I decided it was important to demonstrate WordPress use and diversify my personal domains. continues the HTML5/CSS Bootstrap site while provides a card style WordPress implementation.

These are in essence portfolio pieces that Upwork projects can view when I propose a new contract. My work with Brent Ackerson for Jefferson County Attorney concluded last week but I’m maintaining the sites built as part of the portfolio of work I’ve done in cloud computing, hosting, web design and SEO.

How to Optimize Your Anchor Text Strategy For SEO



The early days of SEO were like the Wild, Wild West.

Blackhat SEO experts were doing everything imaginable to rank their sites on Google.

That included keyword stuffing and creating spammy backlinks on a regular basis.

And for a time, it totally worked.

But these days, those older SEO hacks are long gone.

Now we deal with a much more sophisticated algorithm that pushes innocent-sounding updates like Hummingbird and Panda.

But as innocent as they sound, they can create some real problems for your ongoing SEO efforts.

One of those updates that affected SEO forever is known as Penguin



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