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Why I Made The Switch To Digital Ocean And You Should Too

After a year of ballooning costs I stumbled across Digital Ocean an figured I’d try their $5 VPS server and compare it to my Amazon Web Services experience. Astonishing…

Digital Ocean quickly grabbed my attention with the straight forward ease of use. I had a working cPanel server in less than 20 minutes. They make the entry into Cloud Computing easy with a 1 CPU 1 GB Ram server that has 25GB SSD and 1000GB Transfer …. also included was 2 external IP Addresses and the Ability to create a firewall protecting my servers. That cost $5 a month. Jaw dropping I exclaim the AWS price is $5 just for the two IP addresses!

I should have made an apples to apples comparison but at that moment I was off. My AWS Configuration And Cost:

  • 2 t2.medium 2 CPUs with 4 GB Ram Each having 100GB SSD
  • 1 t3.medium 2 CPU with 4GB Ram with 100GB SSD
  • 6 external IP addresses for these
  • I used 170GB of data transfer.

Grand Total For April: $167.83

In April here’s the bill from AWS. I’d note that my three servers take advantage of Reserved Instance pricing…I get a discount because I signed a contract to rent the servers for at least a year.


So fr in 2019 I’ve spent $500 with AWS. I hate their billing detail…

Now Digital Ocean … heres my configuration

  • 4CPU 8GB Ram 80GB SSD + 100GB SSD Volume
  • 2CPu 4GB Ram 80GB SSD
  • 2CPu 4GB Ram 80GB SSD
  • 2CPU 4GB Ram 80GB SSD
  • 2CPu 4GB Ram 80GB SSD
  • 2CPu 4GB Ram 80GB SSD
  • 12 IP Addresses
  • 170GB Transfered

As you can see I added 3 servers and gave one server 2 times the standard configuration I usually use.

So what might we expect? I went from 3 servers to 7 roughly. (counting the bigger server just as two servers)


I more than doubled the resources I consumed at AWS at $167 to pay less at $132.

Its easy to see why…compare Apples to Apples


Digital Ocean


2 CPU 4GBSSD =$12.96

2 IP Addresses=$2.05

100 GB SSD= $13


Data Transfer=$3.75

Total: $35.76

Digital Ocean

2 CPU 4GBSSD =$20

2 IP Addresses=$0

80 GB SSD= $0


Data Transfer=$0

Total: $21

Not only is it cheaper but there are just less nickel and dime aspects.  No use having a server without an address!  Or a hard drive … or data transfering!  So It’s one item.

Performance wise its identical, I have no observable difference in performance other than the same number of hosted sites are now housed on twice the resources.

Now there are some things to note in AWS’s corner … I could have more than 2 IP Addresses if I wanted … but I just want 2 per server so no issue.  Its just simpler, more transparent and significantly cheaper to use Digital Ocean over AWS.   

It’s also worth noting that AWS has a ton of other services like email and such but who cares when I can just get twice the servers and make the other half email for less than AWS!


The SEO implications are easy to see.  I’m hosting from twice the servers and I’m going to have a higher uptime as the domains are more segmented.  I have more IPs so I have more domains on different IPs.

Another more in-depth discussion on this is my recently updated AWS Vs Digital Ocean Vs GCP