An Example Of A Great Site For SEO

A great page for SEO may look a lot different than what you’d expect.

Often content creators and marketers design engaging sites that are visually appealing and important to delivering their brand’s message but these rich pages often turn out to be awful for SEO.

A Brillant Site

The site below may appear “old school” and it may lack a lot of the latest trends in web design but for SEO its fantastic. Notice the navigation anchor text … this company makes small portable buildings, basically sheds. In their navigation they list out every possible name you might call one of their buildings. Those are the most important keywords to them and they have a dedicated unique page addressing each of these keywords. These are their keywords because it is what you might search for on Google.

Each page is rich with lots of text. Its not an accident that Wikipedia ranks so well … its text. Images of text are not text, and often content rendered by Javascript is not text. Also just having the words on the page isn’t a keyword. In their page those keywords are links to internal pages that use that keyword correctly in the title, description and content. The Lofted Cabin page is about Lofted Cabins while the Lofted Garage is all about Lofted Garages … but concerning the product its the same thing. BUT … too Google it isn’t.

This increases the number of pages that can be indexed by Google and it repackages the same product for all the conceivable terms people might search!

Go to your own site and click “CTRL F” which allows you to Find words. Type in what it is that you sell … does that phrase exist on the page in text? Does it link to a deeper page all about that word?

The site may not be the prettiest but I bet it ranks hands down against competitors.

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