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Matthew Leffler left Accenture November 2017 after moving from Hewlett-Packard in 2015.  With an MBA, MEd and a BSIT he began freelancing as a software trainer and cloud computer consultant.  After joining a political campaign and handling data services Matt turned to cloud computing to deliver an enterprise worthy solution.  The campaign asked Matt to handle SEO services which was a natural extension of his experience and education.  Now a year later Matt continues to provide Data, Cloud and SEO services freelance and does so on Upwork.com

Matt has brought the skills and talent he utilized in the corporate world to freelancing.  While on Upwork Matt has earned a 99% success rating with over 600 client hours and is “Top Rated”. 

Want to know more about how we got here?  Check out our seo story.

Cloud502.com has served as Matt’s cloud computing site and it had a section dedicated to SEO work.  UltimateSEO.org was a domain Matt ran across and jump on to build a dedicated SEO blog and tools site for clients and others.  This site is developing an SEO Panel section to provide tools for clients, we continue to offer ranking tracking and post SEO articles.  We welcome guest bloggers and acknowledge there is never a time that you can’t learn something.

Welcome and that’s where you enter this story.

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It is Ultimate SEO LLC's policy to prohibit intentional and unintentional harassment of any individual by another person on the basis of any protected classification including, but not limited to, race, color, national origin, disability, religion, marital status, veteran status, sex (including pregnancy, gender identity, and sexual orientation), or age. The purpose of this policy is not to regulate our employees' personal morality, but to ensure that in the workplace, no one harasses another individual. If the employee feels that he or she has been subjected to conduct which violates this policy, he or she should immediately report the matter to their direct supervisor. If the employee is unable for any reason to contact this person, or if the employee has not received a satisfactory response within five (5) business days after reporting any incident of what the employee perceives to be harassment, the employee should contact their Bambee HR Manager. If the person toward whom the complaint is directed is one of the individuals indicated above, the employee should contact any higher-level manager in his or her reporting hierarchy. Every report of perceived harassment will be fully investigated and corrective action will be taken where appropriate. All complaints will ...
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Business Checking Review: Online Azlo Vs Local Branch BBT, 5th 3rd, BOM, Chase

Alittle off the path of SEO and more a look at small business services and startups if you've ever wanted to start your own company I'd encourage you to do so yesterday.  Theres nothing more rewarding than knowing you're efforts are going to be noticed by the boss when bonuses come around, when you're your own boss. Think about how many times you've rolled your eyes about a stupid company policy that you felt inhibited your ability to do your job.  Now imagine you actually have the ability to do it your way.  Thats the freedom of being your own boss, but we cant do it alone entirely. Banking is an essential element of business.  While you may get away with running your funds through a personal account for awhile you'll eventually find that a separate account thats actually intended for business is helpful in determining the difference between business and personal income and expenses. I opened a Business Checking account with Azlo Bank for Ultimate SEO right after I LLCed it in July 2019.  They were fast and easy to open and fund the account.  I didn't feel like trekking down to a bank branch locally and having to ...
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Ultimate SEO LLC Receives Grant From Louisville Metro Government

Ultimate SEO LLC being a small business that caters to small business has felt the effects on small businesses.  Louisville Metro Government offered businesses the opportunity to apply for $50,000 grants as part of a "Louisville Forward" initiative to help businesses deal with the effects of COVID-19. We're pleased to announce that our application was approved in August and many of the tasks of day to day operations will continue with the same amount of contractor hours. The total amount of grants approved to businesses in Louisville  is a substantial investment in the regions economy.  So far of the 21 million dollars budgeted, 16 million has been awarded. 35.9% of grants have been awarded to Women businesses and LGBTQ businesses.  An additional 25% was awarded to minority owned small businesses. Ultimate SEO LLC received the first disbursement in late August and has provided financial records and payroll information totaling the first disbursements amount ...
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Ultimate SEO LLC Sponsors Tech Nonprofit’s New Tech University

The last month, I've not updated the site here and thats a rarity.  Ive not gotten lazy, actually the opposite.  Ultimate SEO LLC has had a long history of hiring contractors who wanted to learn SEO and weren't that tech knowledgeable on day one.  We'd provide them with a Windows laptop (at least dual core with 8 gb memory) a job and tasks that weren't too hard but offered exposure to the business. This past February, pre Coronavirus, a nonprofit thats now a 501c3 was formed with Ultimate SEOs funding and Matthew Leffler's direction.  LFI which has a web site at LFIKY.org is attempting to address a complex and super difficult problem.  17,000 young adults in Louisville are unemployed and not in school.  They're often nearly homeless or homeless. Of the young adult homeless population 40% identify as LGBTQ.  That is astounding since LGBTQ make up less than 10% of the population. The single largest factor cited for why they are homeless is family rejection. Matt Leffler, is a member of the local LGBTQ chamber of commerce and the national NGLCC.  But 20 yrs ago if family rejection had happened to him its anyone's guess what life would be like ...
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The Top Digital Agencies Of 2020

The Top Digital Agencies Of 2020, According to DesignRush Reposted From Yahoo Finance DesignRush ranked the top digital agencies of 2020 that help brands to achieve growth online using expertise in branding, design, technology, marketing and global industries. NEW YORK, June 4, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — The best full-service digital agencies combine a group of experts from all areas of branding, design, technology, marketing and global industries. DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting brands with agencies, identified the leading agencies in 2020 that provide an array of digital services to help brands grow and succeed through online channels. The top digital agencies of 2020 are: 1. Appetite Creative Appetite Creative Solutions is a creative technology agency that aims to create tech agnostic and unique solutions for clients. They have worked with global clients and have a global vision. Appetite Creative’s team has diverse experience and a shared drive for quality and creativity. https://www.appetitecreative.com/ 2. Athena Media Singapore Athena Media Singapore is a digital marketing agency focused on building unique design and marketing strategies. They help clients enter the digital world with a brand identity which draws attention and establishes an online presence that maximizes success. 3. Comrade Web Agency Comrade Web Agency ...
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Value Of SEO Backlinks From A Press Release – Experiment

SEO Experiments Vs HearsayOne thing I hope folks appreciate about the articles and topics I cover is the experimentation. This article is not any different from our previous discussions based on real world observations. Some of these original articles based on experiments include:Technical SEO: DigitalOcean Vs Google Cloud Vs AWSCan Page Speed Alone Make A Difference In Google RankingOptimizing For Page Speed: The High Price Of Drift In SEOSex, Speed And The SEO Migration Of Romantic Depot To WordPressIs A Site Low Level? DA vs CF vs TF … DR, DS, AS, TS and more!What are the other SEO Metrics? Domain Authority AlternativesIts important to read what others have discovered but you have to take everyone’s opinion for what it is … an opinion. If its based on hearsay, then its not even their opinion … its just a repeated opinion from some unnamed source. With that said I’ll stop preach onWhat Is The Value Of SEO Backlinks From Press Releases in 2020Recently I signed up to be included in a press release. The link to our site’s homepage was distributed on PRWeb to 102 outlets. The main question now is how will this affect organic ranking and visibility. From ...
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Google Search Operator

SEO Research – Easy Smart Searches Using Google Operators

Searching is a lot more complex than typing a word and shifting through results.  Using Google Search Operators, predefined instructions that focus the results anyone can gain insights into Google's thoughts. SEO Research: Getting To What Google Really Knows SEO Research often begins and ends with one randomly found site's auto audit. There are hundreds of sites that will tell you the character count of this field and that.  These are all good and well but they aren't intelligent and offer a glimpse of how that tool sees your site, not Google.  In the end do you want to get an A grade by a random SEO tool or do you want to rank higher on Google?  These are not the same goals often. Using Google Search Operators you can extract a focused image of your site.  Here's a fast example, how many pages has Google indexed from your site?  You may have 100 blog posts but thats not the answer here.  You can setup and use Google Search Console, and you should, but a quick way to answer this in the moment is: site: ultimateseo.org Above we can easily see that Google has indexed 2,650 pages of ultimateseo.org.  Thats ...
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ultimate seo guide

Ultimate SEO Guide – DIYers From Beginners To Experts

Introduction To The Ultimate SEO Guide There are a lot of ultimate SEO guides out there but I feel this is the only Ultimate SEO Guide.  Over the past several years we've added over 175 articles to this site.  Thats a lot of content and unlike many other sites out there this content is fresh.  The oldest information we will be giving out here is from 2018 or newer.  That means this is likely the most relevant and up to date guide of all the other ones. You want the sweet spot in SEO agencies.  Too new and there isn't much to gain in insight from them as they are just learning themselves.  Too old and the least relevant more biased the information is ... in SEO anything over four years needs to be scrutinized.  You're not likely looking for.a historical account of how things used to be, too often thats just what you'll get. The SEO Tips And Tricks From A To Z [ACT-list show='Category' admin=1 reverse-date=1 postdate=1 exclude='client-sites,cloud,google-cloud,cloud502,external,university-sites'] ...
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Buying A Domain Is Much Like Buying A Car

What Is A Domain Worth? Buying An Aftermarket Domain.

Buying a domain that is already registered is a complex process, but that centers around a simple fact.  A domain's value is equal to the amount someone is willing to pay for it.  Its not what a seller is willing to sell it at, cause I can tell you I'll sell "ultimateseo.org" for a billion dollars but it isn't worth that until someone will pay that. Determining A Domains Value There are a lot of factors that come into play.  Here are some: The length The TLD ( is it a .com or a .wtf ) The Traffic It Gets The SEO Value It Hold How many sites link to it? How many keywords does it rank for? The perceived authority of the domain... The Search Volume Its ranking position for the keyword it represents ie ( ultimate seo ... who ranks for that term ) Its history How its being used presently Who owns similar names ... if the .org .net for instance are not registered then the .com isn't as valuable. This speaks toward how many potential buyers there are for the domain. Ultimate SEO LLC has ultimateseo.org as well as ultimateseo.net but ultimateseo.com has eluded me and ...
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IFTTT Auto Post To Social Media Video

Video: Free Auto Post To Social Media From WordPress Using IFTTT

Buffer.com Alternative  Post to Wordpress and be done with it. Using IFTTT you can setup applets to then auto post for you to Social Media.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogger, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr and more all for free all from IFTTT's servers.  I show you how in this quick and easy self help video.  So take back your time and save some money instead of paying services like Buffer.com Got any questions or requests?  Feel free to let me know in the comments, or tweet them too me @UltimateSEO3 ...
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