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Political Campaigns & Search Engine Optimization

By: Rand Fishkin

Public Relations

The author’s views are entirely his or her own (excluding the unlikely event of hypnosis) and may not always reflect the views of Moz.

Although the topic of political figures (and parties) requiring SEO work had been burning a hole in my head for some time, Wired News has an article from Saturday on just this subject – Pols Hire Web-Savvy Staffers.

Consider Ari Rabin-Havt, 27, who blogs for a living as a staffer to Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nevada, 66. Rabin-Havt’s duties include watching the blogosphere

Political SEO: Simple search engine optimization techniques for non-profits and political campaigns!

By Laura Packard

Say you’re launching a new political campaign or nonprofit organization. What’s the first way people will try to find you? They’ll usually go to their trusty search engine (most often Google with about 2/3 of the market, Bing being #2) and type in your name. It’s critical that your official website shows up in the first page of results, in the top few choices above the fold if possible. How do you make that magic happen? Here’s some search engine optimization tips that will help you land at the top of the heap.

To step back a


WordPress SEO Security Settings For WP Cerber

One might think cybersecurity is not an SEO topic, but it is a very important SEO topic.  SEO as I keep noting here is more than keywords today. Technical SEO is about speed optimization, files such as robots.txt and sitemap.xml and security of your site IS an SEO matter. If you neglect your security Google […]


workflow optimization made easy Get Started minimize your documents Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus luctus nec follow client payments Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus luctus nec automate repeating tasks […]

Ultimate SEO – Link Building – Technical SEO

Not The Everyday
Digital Marketer

Ultimate SEO is a unique solution to your search engine need. Matthew Leffler’s 20 years of experience as a technical support manager / education instructional designer sets Ultimate SEO apart.  This skill set made him an Information Governance Software Trainer at Hewlett-Packard and he’s worked at Gateway and Accenture.  Matt has political SEO experience as well. This translates into rank-worthy content and optimization experience beyond the average SEO. 

Upwork Cloudflare GoDaddy Pro


We offer a wide selection of SEO solutions all of which are customized to our clients. We also offer "SEO By The Hour" from

301 redirect detour sign

Link Building: Redirecting Expired Domains Backlinks

Link building is one of the harder  aspects of SEO and because of this one of the least done. Unfortunately it is many times more powerful than anything you do to your page and content.  No level of optimization of content will trump the power of well placed relevant backlinks. Its so hard few ever […]

Ultimate SEO Guide

Ultimate SEO Guide: From The Beginning

Ultimate SEO Guide There are a lot of ultimate SEO guides on the web these days, but this is the only one from Ultimate SEO.  In this guide to SEO strategies and concepts we plan to cover the basic foundational topics and lead you into details that can be applied throughout a site’s SEO experience. […]

SEO At A Glance

Search Engine Ranking: Website Ranking Keywords Backlinks And All

In several previous articles we’ve covered: Domain Auditing, Page Speed And SEO, Backlinks and even some less than white hat techniques such as Private Blog Networks, Guest Posts and more.  All of these are cogs in the greater overall machine which is Search Engine Optimization or SEO.  To you and any other website owner it […]

Subsites Operated By Ultimate SEO

Ultimate SEO has and continues too test the implementation of purchasing expired domains for other SEO businesses and sites. We select them after reviewing various criteria and then redirect those site’s backlinks to more relevant content than they used to have resulting in greater referal traffic, more backlinks and a good user experience. We felt […]

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How To Hire An SEO

This is a great video to watch prior to hiring any SEO that was made by Google to help clients get the right match and set realistic expectations.

How To Hire An SEO

This isn’t a video made by Ultimate SEO but its from Google.  Google is often the primary target of client search engine strategies so we thought this video goes a long way in setting expectations for clients and helps visitors make an informed decision.

Its only a few minutes and even if you are an SEO its worth your time to better understand Google’s perception of the process.


Hiring An SEO? Hear From Google What SEOs Do

Hire An SEO

This Google video “How to hire an SEO” isn’t new but it’s to the point and vital to setting expectations.  I encourage both SEOs and clients to watch this video and learn what Google says you should look for in an SEO.

How to hire an SEO

hi I’m Maile Ohye and I work with Google
search I like to share advice to help
you hire a useful SEO and prevent hiring
a bad SEO one who you might pay a lot of
money without positive results or even
worse one who implements shady practices

Easiest Tools To Speed Up WordPress Site Load Times For SEO

Cloudflare And Plugins

In a previous post we noted the difference speed can make in search engine ranking.  The same content delivered in different ways was listed on the same domains but in different positions between desktop and mobile indexes.  Site Speed Affects Ranking

In this post we’re going to review two less popular ways to speed up your site and we’ll mention the popular ways.  There’s a reason why Ultimate SEO uses slightly different processes for page load.  

Often people download plugin optimizers and add page cache plugins to speed up their sites.  Caching is important

Page Speed

Speed: Page Load – Technical SEO Out Ranks Most In Mobile

A Case Study of SEO Metrics And Rank

Here is a recently added FAQ to the Ultimate SEO FAQ section.

Let me show you how important it is….desktop vs mobile search results

Why is not higher than in the mobile search on the left?  Consider these metrics = Domain Score: 55 Trust Score 58 Alexa Rank 763 Registered 1996 Ads 3,900 Backlinks 57,000,000 Traffic Rank 108 = Domain Score: 37 Trust Score 44 Alexa Rank 17,000 Registered 2004 Ads 0 Backlinks 1,700,000 Traffic Rank 2830

In every metric wins, so why is